5 Burning Questions From Revenge Episode 11
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5 Burning Questions From Revenge Episode 11

Revenge returned from its winter hiatus, and while some storylines were wrapped up (goodbye, Tyler), others dropped into our laps (is Tyler gone for good?).

Here are the questions plaguing our minds after watching Revenge episode 11, "Duress":

1. Is "Amanda" Catching Onto Emily's Revenge Plot?

During his manic birthday party takeover, Tyler pointed a gun at Conrad Grayson and told him to confess to setting up David Clarke. That piqued Fauxmanda's interest — remember, she doesn't know the real reason why Emily wanted to trade identities.

But now she's starting to get a clue about Emily's schemes ... and "Amanda" could definitely blow them up to pieces.

2. Did Emily Take Out the Bullets on Purpose, or Did She Get Lucky?

As amazing as Emily is at plotting takedowns, this one seems a bit too perfect. Let's look at the chain of events: She trash-talks Tyler and shows off her gun while he's watching from Nolan's house. Then, she leaves her cell phone in the house, which enables Tyler to intercept Nolan's warning.

Prior to all this, she has taken out the bullets in her gun, so it's useless when Tyler is wielding it. And then she slips Frank's wallet into his pocket at exactly the opportune moment. Emily's good ... but is she that perfect?

3. Who's the Doctor That Can Falsify Victoria's Miscarriage?

Is it someone we've never met? Could it possibly be Alex, Tyler's brother? It doesn't seem like Alex would be old enough to have treated Victoria so many years ago ... but he also has good reason to help her out, since Tyler is in some serious legal trouble.

4. Is Tyler Gone for Good?

Sure, he went off the edge, but before that, Tyler was a pretty crafty opponent. We suspect this isn't the last we see of Tyler.

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