5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Should Turn Evil
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The Vampire Diaries

5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Should Turn Evil

The Vampire Diaries has its share of baddies. Some of them also happen to be their heroes. But they tend to be the same, predictably unstable characters. We’d like to see the supernatural series spread its moral apathy around a bit. Here are five characters we think should take a turn at villainy.

Sheriff Forbes

5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Should Turn Evil
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We miss Sheriff Forbes! We’ll take her back, even if it means as a villain. Liz is a total keeper of peace and justice in this crazy supernatural town, so her turn to evilness will probably have something to do with her desire to do her job well, which will make it that much more tragic. Here’s our pitch: Becoming less and less effective against the supernatural forces who use Mystic Falls as their playground, Sheriff Forbes buys a super-strength potion from a Traveler passing through town. It works at first until the magic begins to take over, turning Liz into a power-hungry villain Caroline can barely recognize.


5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Should Turn Evil
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It’s so tempting to see Matt bad because he’s so good. He’s also the character who usually has to put up with the most in this town without the added benefit of having super-human strength, speed, or compulsion to help him make ends meet. We could see Matt eventually getting tired of having to not only help his supernatural friends out of binds, but also hold down a full-time job to keep up with the bills. He has to get tired of the injustice of it all eventually, right?


5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Should Turn Evil
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We know Elena turned a bit evil last season when her emotions were switched off, but we’re not sure if that really counts. We’d love to see this gal turn evil under her own volition, perhaps in a way that flips her and Katherine’s roles on this show in a clever and interesting way. This is the perfect time to do it, too. Who knows what Elena is going through while she’s banished from her body, or what kind of person she’ll be when she returns.


5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Should Turn Evil
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We can’t really think of a likely scenarios in which Caroline would turn evil, but that doesn’t mean we don’t kind of want to see it. Can you imagine Caroline’s scheduling and planning skills used for evil, not good? Watching her tick items off of her villainy to-do list could be comedy gold. And you just know, if Caroline set her mind to it, she would be the baddest villain TVD has ever seen.


5 Vampire Diaries Characters Who Should Turn Evil
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We’ve always thought Bonnie would make an excellent master villain, especially if it meant the show took her a bit more seriously. Let’s face it: Bonnie never gets to win at anything. Her plans usually fail, and she is left dead, magic-less, or both. If turning villain is what it takes to get this character a killer storyline, then we’ll take it. And not the kind of villain who is being manipulated by Silas or Dr. Shane or whomever. We’d love to see a more competent Bonnie enact a slow-burner of a scheme against her unsuspecting friends. Perhaps involving her newfound power as the anchor to the Other Side. That role is known to drive people a bit crazy, you know?

Are there are characters you’re itching to see evil? Share your picks in the comments below!

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