5 Flashbacks We Want to See in The Vampire Diaries Season 6
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The Vampire Diaries

5 Flashbacks We Want to See in The Vampire Diaries Season 6

The Vampire Diaries knows how to do a good flashback, and after a season that underutilized the device, we’d like to see some solid blasts to the past go down in Season 6. Here are five flashbacks we’re dying to see.

Brother bromance. With Damon apparently gone and Stefan no doubt wallowing in guilt, it’s the perfect time to flashback to sunnier times in the Salvatore brothers’ pasts. There had to be a good few years amongst the last 170, right? Well, we’d like to see them. We think TVD could easily tie Stefan and Damon’s reminiscing about a time long past to a future in which they are seemingly forever estranged. And they should have goofy hair.

Anything with Lexi. Though we might not be seeing Lexi as a ghost any longer, that doesn’t mean we won’t get to hang with her in a past place and time. Lexi makes every flashback better. That’s just a fact. We’d be willing to hear any story that involves Stefan’s bestie. Might we request the 1950s? Lexi could so pull off the Bobby sock.

Flashback to the recent past. There’s only so much period drama that can affect events a century or so later, which is why we’d be all for a flashback that takes place in the early naughts or the 90s. Did Damon secretly rock out to The Spice Girls? Did Stefan go through a hip hop phase like his off-screen counterpart? These are questions we need answered!

An Originals/TVD flashback crossover. Maybe the showrunners wants to keep The Originals and TVD separate for now in present-day storylines, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spend some time with the Salvatores and Mikaelsons in days past. This might be tricky given that we’ve presumably seen most of the time Stefan hung out with Rebekah and Klaus, but the writers are creative — we’re sure they’ll think of something, even if it involves wiping Damon and Stefan’s memories afterwards.

Bennett family flashback. How come the Salvatores are always getting all of the flashback love? With a certain Bennett witch (Grams!) behind whatever saved Bonnie and Damon from everlasting death, this is the perfect time to tell us more about the Bennett family. How do Grams and Bonnie have so much power? Does Bonnie have any long-lost relatives out there who might come into play? And does the Bennett family and their history tie into the bright white light that saved Bonnie and Damon in the Season 5 finale? Some questions to ponder until our Bennett family flashback.

What kinds of flashbacks do you want to see? Sound off in the comments below!

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