5 Friendships We’d Like to See Develop on The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries

5 Friendships We’d Like to See Develop on The Vampire Diaries

After almost 100 episodes of television, The Vampire Diaries has had lots of time to develop the relationships between its core cast of characters. Which is why we’re kind of sad some of these dynamics haven’t blossomed into the epic friendships we’ve sometimes wanted them to. Here are five friendships we’d like to see happen on TVD.

Stefan and Matt

These two dudes have a lot in common: they’re both, generally, moral people; they both have difficult families; and they both love Elena. We’ve always thought they would make good buddies, but now that Stefan has been dumped by Elena, we think they have even more in common. Timing is perfect for this bromance to start up as Stefan could use with a few more friends right now as he works through his PTSD. And Matt has always been our number one pick for shoulder to cry on.

Damon and Bonnie

Damon and Bonnie totally had romantic chemistry in the TVD book series and, though that’s hard to imagine with the way their characters on situated on the show, we’d at least like to see these two form a friendship if only because it would be unexpected and unpredictable. The best character dynamics are the ones that shed a new light on both characters involved, and we think a Damon/Bonnie friendship would definitely do that. Plus, as much as we love Delena, we think it’s be good for Damon to take an interest in finding a social circle outside of Elena. Especially now that his go-to drinking buddy and bestie Alaric has moved on. (R.I.P., Ric.)

Jeremy and Aaron

So, this one is a newer consideration of ours, but we think these two emo teenagers would totally get along. Their families are both caught up in this Augustine Society drama (and neither of them knew about it), and they’ve both lost numerous loved ones. Yeah, not exactly a cheery shared interest, but we think both of these guys could do with a friend right now. Plus, if Jer befriends Aaron, maybe Aaron won’t stab that syringe filled with vampire cannibalism serum into any of Jeremy’s loved ones.

Caroline and Katherine

If Katherine does survive the 100th episode, then we need her and Caroline to become best friends, please. Watching them drain Dr. Wes of vervain was one of the most delightful scenes of the season. With a fissure developing in Caroline and Elena’s friendship, we think this is the perfect time for Katherine to make a friend-stealing move and snatch her doppelganger’s bestie from right under her nose. What? Elena has other friends.

Katherine and Matt

If things don’t work out with Caroline, might we put a vote in for Katherine teaming up with Matt. Watching these two hang together in the midseason finale for Katherine’s physical training was pretty great. And don’t even get us started on the scene in which Katherine tries to con alcohol out of Matt. We really love their dynamic because while Matt doesn’t put up with any of Katherine’s crap, he is always willing to give people another chance. It’s one of his best qualities. Basically, we friend-ship Matt with everyone.

Which TVD characters do you want to see become friends? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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