5 Gay Romances Once Upon a Time Could Explore
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Once Upon a Time

5 Gay Romances Once Upon a Time Could Explore

We've made it clear in the past that we would be 110 percent behind Once Upon a Time adding a gay romance (or more than one!), and we're thrilled to hear the showrunners would be open to the idea. Of course, that news immediately got our wheels turning. If the show did have a gay romance, who could it be between?

We've come up with a few ideas — some around characters already on the show, some twists on classic fairy tales — and then we want to hear your thoughts.

Aurora and Mulan. Aurora and Mulan are already in the middle of a complex love triangle — why not add another leg? A lot of fans picked up on some pretty intense homerotic subtext between these two enemies-turned-friends, and given that their original stories went way out the window from the first moment they met, it wouldn't be hard for the writers to explore another angle on their relationship.

Emma and Regina. These characters clearly have intense chemistry of some sort, and there are some pretty convincing arguments to be made for this pair on a thematic level. After all, what would show the redemptive power of love like the Savior saving the Evil Queen? Plus, Emma is an original character and the Evil Queen wasn't exactly a romantic figure in Sleeping Beauty, so fans who'd prefer not to see classic fairy tale romances changed wouldn't have to worry.

Archie and ... whoever! Archie/Jiminy Cricket doesn't have an established love interest or even sexual preference in the original story or on Once Upon a Time. We'd love to see the man who is constantly supporting others finally find someone who is there to support him, and why shouldn't that someone be a man? Having the literal conscience of the show be gay would certainly send a message of equality.

Ariel and Prince(ss) Eric(a). If we are talking changing up a classic fairy tale romance, The Little Mermaid has some thematic potential, especially if the show wants to tackle some heavier themes around a same-sex romance. Ariel has to give up her world to be with the person she loves — that could be woven into a story about unaccepting family. She has to give up her voice and struggle to show her love — fear of expressing feelings or coming out? There's definitely some interesting parallels that could be played with, if that's the direction the writers go.

Tinker Bell and someone other than Peter Pan. Tinker Bell's infatuation with Peter Pan is a pretty essential part of her character, and we're not suggesting the writers drop that. However, given how evil Once Upon a Time's Peter seems to be, Tink might end up needing saving from her misguided feelings. Maybe she could find a more worthy True Love in another woman.

What do you think: Are you team Swan Queen or Sleeping Warrior? Is there a different classic tale you think would work particularly well? A currently single character who should have a same-sex love interest? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Rebecca Martin is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @BeccaDMartin.

07.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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