5 Reasons Marquel Martin Should Be the Next Bachelor
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5 Reasons Marquel Martin Should Be the Next Bachelor

Marquel Martin was recently rejected by The Bachelorette's Andi Dorfman (Why Andi? WHHHHHY?!), and now we have zero reasons to wake up in the morning. Actually, we still have one reason — the faint hope that ABC will get their heads in the game and ask Marquel to be the next Bachelor for Season 19. We know what you're thinking, ABC isn't exactly known for their racial diversity when it comes to this particular franchise. But the time has come for Marquel to break the glass ceiling and do what he does best: make ladies swoon.

We've rounded up five pretty convincing reasons why Marquel should be the next Bachelor, so check 'em out below! Also, feel free to contact Chris Harrison directly about this pressing issue — we hear he can be reached at 69 World-Weary Blvd, California, Hell, The World.

1. He's Hilarious

Not to shade any of Andi's other contestants, but some of them are tragically unfunny. Like, sometimes the only amusing thing is their terrible fashion. However, Marquel is something special. This dude made us laugh on the regular during his stint on Bachelorette, and having a Bachelor with a sense of humor would be refreshing, to say the least. Also, someone else needs to take on the responsibility of mocking Harrison — the burden has been on our shoulders for too long!

2. He Has Amazing Style

Unlike his competitors, Marquel wore shirts that actually fit him, his sock game was on point, and his ties were appropriately skinny. Of course, it's possible that, should Marquel be dubbed Bachelor, Host Harrison would force him to into some blouses from his Da Vinci collection, but anything is better than Juan Pablo Galavis’s sartorial reign of scarfy terror.

3. He's Totally Genuine

Over the past eleven million years that The Bachelorette has been on the air, we've seen contestants get drunk, strut around inexplicably shirtless, and behave douchily. But Marquel is a true gent who was genuinely on the show to find love. Did you see him cry when he was kicked off? DID YOU SEE THE TEARS IN HIS EYES?! They were as real as the "Chris Harrison 4EVA" tattoo on our lower back.

4. He's Drama-Free

We know you're trying to block it out, but Andrew Poole may have (allegedly!) used the word "blackie" to describe Marquel. And while the sponsorship salesman could have responded to Andrew's alleged comment by flying off the handle, instead, he maturely asked him for an explanation. He even requested that his fellow contestants not weigh in. What's more, when Andrew denied using the offensive term, Marquel accepted what he had to say and moved on. Class act.

5. He's a Super Stud

In case you hadn't noticed, Marquel is a major hunk. He's a total Romeo, and we want to be his Juliet. Also, we’re referencing the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring Romeo + Juliet, not to be confused with the vastly inferior Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Anyway, Bachelor Nation likely won't have any problem watching Marquel saunter around for an entire season.

Do you think Marquel has what it takes to be the next Bachelor? Tell us in the comments below.