5 People Who Could Replace Chris Harrison as The Bachelor Host
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The Bachelor

5 People Who Could Replace Chris Harrison as The Bachelor Host

Chris Harrison — like Beyoncé — is irreplaceable. But there’s now a rumor that The View wants to steal The Bachelor’s leading man as their own co-host. We don’t know if anything will happen with this at all, and if it does, maybe he can find a way to balance both The View and the many travel demands of The Bachelor/ette. But if Chris does reject our rose for that other show, our jealous drama girl heartbreak will be Tierrable to behold … but the show must go on. Right?

We can’t not watch people get sloppy drunk and find “love” on TV! Our Monday nights would be too empty. So as much as it pains us, we’re offering five suggestions for who could replace Chris, if they had to. (Besides, if someone else hosts the show, that could leave the door open for Chris to be the Bachelor himself…)

1. Melissa Rycroft

Melissa, unlike Chris, has experience competing on The Bachelor. She knows the heartbreak and drama and can probably nod just as well as he does when suffering through an endless sob story. She actually co-hosted Bachelor Pad Season 1 alongside Chris, but that show didn’t really need a co-host so it was a one-shot gig. Melissa went on to compete on two seasons of Dancing With the Stars, winning the All-Stars season, and she’s been brushing up on her correspondent skills on Good Morning America. She has a lot of fans out there, and while Chris will always be our first choice, if Melissa hosted the show she could really help Chris through his own journey as the Bachelor. She’d probably relish the role reversal — let’s see how he likes “the hot seat!”

2. Tom Bergeron

He hosts everything else on ABC, so why not this? In addition to America’s Funniest Home Videos, Tom hosts the fall and spring seasons of Dancing With the Stars. Those two seasons air before and after The Bachelor and Bachelorette in the same Mondays from 8 to 10 p.m. timeslot. We’re already used to seeing the witty host during Bachelor hours, so if Chris has to back out, just give Tom the entire year. He’s our Monday man!

3. Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy is already an honorary member of ABC's Bachelor Nation, interviewing the leads during their rose journeys and regularly taking loving shots at the show. Plus, his masterful hand holding (literally) on his The Baby Bachelor spin-off already proves he has the chops. He'd remind us not to take the “process” too seriously, and we can just picture him trying to moderate a heated "Women Tell All" special. Actually, on that note...

4. Andy Cohen

Did you know that Andy Cohen was almost the Bachelor? He said he was asked to go through the casting process, many years ago, and he told them they were barking up the wrong tree — unless ABC wanted to cast its first gay Bachelor. Well, after Juan Pablo Galavis's recent comments and ABC's strong stand against them, it would be fun if the replacement host happened to be gay. Since Andy has to sit through endless fights on The Real Housewives reunion shows, he's more than up for the task of moderating "Women Tell All" drama. And his Watch What Happens Live shows prove he knows how to deal with drunk people. His résumé may have been directing him here all along.

5. Trista Sutter

Trista is, by Chris’s own description, the “godmother” of Bachelor Nation. The original Bachelorette is the star of the franchise’s first success story, so it might be fitting for her to take the love reigns to coach and lead others onto the same path. She may not have as much hosting experience as everyone else, but who cares? She has the kind of show experience that counts. Ryan and their kids may not want to deal with all the traveling, but on the other hand they may see it as a family adventure. Think of all the places you get to go, around the world, on ABC’s dime! One caveat: If she says "power of a grateful heart" one too many times, she'll be automatically ejected. Sorry.

What do you think of these suggestions? Do you have your own replacement ideas? We know, we know, the show would never be the same without Chris. But do you think it should just stop if he leaves, or could you see anyone filling his beautiful menswear line of shoes?