5 Pretty Little Liars Reality Shows We’d Watch
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Pretty Little Liars Reality Shows We’d Watch

Have you heard the news? Pretty Little Liars star Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery) is getting her very own reality TV show. This got us thinking: which other PLL-based reality shows would we like to see? Here’s a list of our top five suggestions!

Pretty Little Puppies: The “A” Speculation Game. The Pretty Little Liars cast’s pets are not an ordinary bunch. Ashley Benson’s dog Olive once successfully predicted that Mona was the Original “A”. Check out the photo evidence, and note that the rest of the puppies in that picture are rocking some pretty stellar guessing that could still lead to the truth regarding Uber “A”. Here’s the thing: we’re still not much closer to figuring out who is pulling the “A” strings. We could use the pretty little pups’ help in the matter. How about a show that has them breaking down their best “A”-related theories for the viewers at home. We have a feeling they might be able to sniff out the truth.

5 Pretty Little Liars Reality Shows We’d Watch
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Pretty Little Lairs. Pretty Little Liars has featured a host of pimped-out lairs, but we’re never given much time to dawdle. It’s time this show gave its art department the time and attention it deserves — with its own show! Each episode of Pretty Little Lairs could take us behind-the-scenes of “A”’s latest lair (or, you know, Mona’s Army’s latest lair — we’re not picky), highlighting all of the special features. like 24/7 Rosewood surveillance, Alison-face dartboards, and piranha pits.

Pretty Little Road Trip. We’re really excited for Holly’s road trip-themed reality TV show, but we couldn’t help think about how we wanted to see the rest of the PLL cast join in on the fun. We’re thinking it could play like a cross between PLL and Spice World. A giant bus. Legions of adoring fans. And lots of confessionals about all of the behind-the-scenes drama (and love).

The Writers’ Room: PLL Edition. OK, we know The Writers’ Room is already a show on Sundance TV, and it even had an episode featuring the PLL writers, but we want more! We want to know what kinds of crazy conversations go down in the PLL writers’ room all the time. What theories have been deemed too insane by the writers’? Which characters are the writers’ favorites? Does anyone really know what’s going down in Rosewood? This show would probably have to air after PLL went off the air (otherwise, spoilers!), but we’ll be going throughPLL withdrawals by then, anyway.

The Mole: PLL Edition. In the vein of reality TV competition classic The Mole, contestants of the PLL edition would be working together to gain rewards (like a high school diploma or, you know, their family’s safety), while at the same time trying to determine who “A” is. “A,” seemingly just another contestant on the program, would work to sabotage the others using a system of cyber-stalking, real-life stalking, and hoodie-wearing. No one is safe.

What kind of PLL-based reality TV show would you like to see? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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