5 Pretty Little Liars Stars We’d Love to See on The Vampire Diaries
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Pretty Little Liars Stars We’d Love to See on The Vampire Diaries

Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries are practically sister series, what with the number of cast members who have appeared on both shows Bianca Lawson, Claire Holt, and Torrey DeVitto, to name just a few! But, we’re not done with the cast crossovers just yet. Here are five Pretty Little Liars stars we’d like to see make appearances on The Vampire Diaries!

Troian Bellisario as Tortured Vamp

Troian Bellisario (Spencer) really knocked our socks off last season with her portrayal of a Spencer torn apart by Toby’s seeming betrAyal and her spiral into madness and depression. Basically, we think she has the acting range to play a vampire or similarly cursed supernatural creature dealing with her transition into a new and dangerous being. We’re not sure what Troian’s turn would look like, but since we’d pretty much be willing to watch her in anything as any character, we’ll let the TVD Powers That Be decide on the specifics.

Ashley Benson as Jeremy’s BFF

On Pretty Little Liars, Ashley Benson’s Hanna has a habit of taking on high school loners like Lucas and Caleb. And we think Jeremy could use a “normal” friend his own age. You know, to distract from his ghost girlfriend, vampire sister, and 150-year-old vampire roomie. Ashley doesn’t even have to put too much time into filming the role, as long as she’s available to film the occasional scene acting as Jeremy’s friend and confidante. Plus, her character could let Jeremy know when he is being an idiot and give him advice on the best shirts to wear to highlight his biceps.

Ian Harding as The English Teacher

Ian Harding already has extensive experience playing an English teacher as Ezra Fitz on PLL, so we’d like to see him take a turn as Mystic Falls’ latest vamp-fighting teacher or, perhaps, another one of Caroline and Elena’s hot young professors with something to hide at Whitmore College. He could even recycle some of the same lesson plans from his classes on PLL - where he has played both a high school and college professor! Plus, now that we know he has been hiding an uber dark side potentially as “A” on PLL, we think he’d have no problem bringing that same level of duplicity to TVD.

Sasha Pieterse as The Next Doppelganger

At this point, we have some serious speculatory investment in the theory that Alison is actually a twin on PLL. And, even if she isn’t, Sasha Pieterse has experience playing the many different sides of Ali (including alias Vivian Darkbloom). Basically, we think Sasha could easily handle doppelganger duty on TVD. Now that Stefan has been revealed as Stefan’s doppelganger on TVD, you know it’s just a matter of time until there is a third set of doppelgangers running around Mystic Falls and, when the TVD Powers That Be are ready to take the plunge, they should give Sasha a call.

Julian Morris as The Evil Accented Vamp

We love Julian Morris (PLL’s creepy doctor Wren), and therefore want him to make appearances on all of our favorite shows (an achievable goal considering he currently plays recurring characters on both PLL and Once Upon a Time). At this point, the ratio of accented to non-accented vampires on TVD is dangerously low since the Mikaelson family’s exit to The Originals, and we can’t have that! We suggest Julian bring his natural British accent right on over to TVD to help restore the balance.

Do you agree with our crossover pics? Which PLL cast member do you want to see appear on TVD? Sound off in the comments below!

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