5 Ravenswood Questions That Need Closure
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5 Ravenswood Questions That Need Closure

Ravenswood’s surprising cancellation has us reeling. We can’t say we’re totally surprised or utterly devastated, but we are irked that we won’t get the answer to some of the many questions Pretty Little Liarssupernatural spin-off has raised. Here are the five questions that seriously need closure.

Will Miranda stay dead?

In the series finale of Ravenswood, we learned that it was within the town’s ghosts’ powers to bring Miranda back from the dead. In fact, they planned to do just that so they could kill the five teenagers all at once, as The Pact demands. It didn’t end up happening, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have. Will Miranda really stay dead. If so, she has the show’s cancellation to blame. Because, given enough time, we totally think she would have gotten a resurrection. Bummer.

Who is behind The Pact?

In this first (and only) season, we spent some time with Reverend Abaddon. He seemed to be the enactor of The Curse in that he was the one who got the townsfolk to sign The Pact back in 1918. But we always got the feeling that there was someone else, someone even more terrifying, behind these ghostly shenanigans. Abaddon seemed more like the messenger or right-hand ghost type. Who was lurking in the spiritual shadows and was it someone we already knew? Tell us, show!

What is the purpose of The Pact?

We’re also still unclear on the true purpose of The Pact. We have a loose understanding that the townsfolk were freaking out that all of their men would die in World War I, so they made the deal, but this seems highly illogical. If five teenagers would definitely die anyway, isn’t it better to take the risk that your men (and, eventually, women) would survive than sacrifice five to for-sure death? We know World War I was devastating and everything, but there aren’t even that many Ravenswood residents. Maybe this is just a giant logic fail that aided in the show’s failure, but we’d have liked to find out the full story of The Pact. Not only from the residents’ point of view, but from the ghosts. Why are they for it?

Who else knows about The Pact?

This show was at its best when it was reveling in town-wide conspiracy. Dillon, Olivia’s boyfriend, turned out to be a ghost co-conspirator! And trying to deduce what exactly Raymond Collins, Miranda’s uncle and the town’s funeral director, was up to was probably our favorite mystery. But who else knows about The Pact? It seems strange that it isn’t widely accepted truth for anyone who grew up in town. Do people just not talk about it? And, of the people who are in the know, who is on Team Ghost? It’s super annoying that we’ll never find out.

Will Original Caleb and Miranda fall in love?

With the series finale reveal that Original Caleb had been released from ghost purgatory and was now free to roam around the town, came a whole host of new questions. Mainly: will Original Caleb and Miranda fall in love? They were totally making eyes at one another when the series finale closed out and, sure, he thought she was Original Miranda and she was majorly into Caleb, but would their ghostly love have blossomed over the course of the next season? Alas, we shall never know!

What are the biggest questions you have lingering from Ravenswood? Sound off in the comments below!

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