5 Pretty Little Liars / Ravenswood Crossovers We Want to See
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Pretty Little Liars / Ravenswood Crossovers We Want to See

Forgive us, friends, for the fan fiction we are about to bestow upon you. As hardcore Pretty Little Liars fans, we are already dreading the moment when Caleb leaves the nutso streets of Rosewood for the haunted graveyards of Ravenswood. And seeing as our “Haleb 4ever” shirt is in the wash, we’ve been thinking extra hard about how they can be together. Or, how any of the cast can be back with Caleb and his new crew, for that matter.

So, here are a few ideas for how the ladies of Rosewood could make a day of it in Ravenswood, from the perfectly reasonable to the full-on craziest ideas.

1. “A”s Lair Part 2

Now that they’ve seen the lair where “A” has been cataloguing their entire lives, we can’t imagine that they wouldn’t go back to gather more information about what else is in there. Plus, we’re betting that whatever it was Hanna took might be missed, if it was important enough for her to think to grab it. Could a threatening text come from “A” in hopes of getting it back?

2. Haleb Lives

We already know that Ashley Benson misses Tyler Blackburn like whoa and that she is definitely going to be taking a trip to the Ravenswood New Orleans set “sooner rather than later,” like in October. What we don’t know is what will happen when she gets there. In the October 22 premiere, Hanna and Caleb have an emotional conversation that somehow loops into Mr. Rivers moving to Ravenswood. But we all know Hanna, and no matter what she says to Caleb to give him permission to stay, there’s no way in Haleb she’d let things just fizzle out. So, even though we only know of one adventure to the neighboring town, we highly doubt it will be the last.

3. Toby’s on the Case

Toby is still looking for answers about what happened to his mom. And when you’re lost and confused and think there’s no one else to answer your questions, who do you call? Grunwald, that’s who. Something tells us that she has a hand in every crazy story in town — and maybe the ones outside it. She just happened to help Ali out that night? Well, what other troubled folks has she known and “helped” in their time? Perhaps Toby’s mom is one of them, and he takes a trip to get all the deets.

4. Ezra, of Course

What is Ian Harding’s Ezra going to do next to make our brains explode? We don’t know, but he looks far too comfortable just hanging out in a graveyard in an old military uniform — one identical to what Ravenswood’s Luke is wearing. Are they working together? We’ve been thinking so. And since he can’t gracefully exit Rosewood now that he’s just kissed Aria and been revealed as a possible “A,” he has to go back to Ravenswood at some point. Will Aria follow him and discover his secrets? We could see that.

5. Mona Moves In

Not content to be on the sidelines of the goings on of Rosewood, Mona always has to be working some angle. If she realizes that Ravenswood is the new Applewood Grill for the girls, we have a strong suspicion she’ll find out what makes the town tick before everyone else does. She’s savvy like that.

How do you think Ravenswood and Pretty Little Liars will work the crossover angles? Weigh in with your best thoughts below.

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