5 Reason Why Klaus Will Not Die in The Vampire Diaries Season 3
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The Vampire Diaries

5 Reason Why Klaus Will Not Die in The Vampire Diaries Season 3

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 just wrapped, which means that our favorite time of the year is rapidly ending. Until then — and maybe even afterwards — the fate of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is up in the air. Will Julie Plec kill off the sexiest villain of all time, or will she find a way to extend his shelf life? Here are five reasons why we think she’ll keep the devilish guy around:

1. He’s too powerful.
Not only is Klaus the Original Hybrid, he has two dangerous and mostly loyal siblings on his side. (No, we’re not counting Elijah among them — who knows where his loyalty lies?) That’s scary in itself, but let’s not forget that he also has the means to build an army of vicious followers. As tough as Elena (Nina Dobrev) and the Salvatores may be, but we just don’t find their gang nearly as intimidating.

2. There’s only one stake left.
Rebekah (Claire Holt) doesn’t always think rationally, but her plan to drain the vervain out of Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) system paid off big time. She and Klaus found out exactly how many stakes were left and were able to destroy them — except one. Sure, it could still be used on Klaus, but given that no one knows where it is, his odds of survival are looking a whole lot better.

3. It would mean the death of Tyler.
Elena may love trying to sacrifice herself so that her friends and family can live, but we don’t know if Tyler (Michael Trevino) will be quite so accommodating. Plus, he’s become a lot more popular in Mystic Falls now that he’s no longer a jerk. His friends aren’t going to let him turn into a pile of nosebleed and ash so that they can take down the big bad Klaus.

4. The show needs a villain.
In Season 1, it was sometimes Damon, sometimes the Founder’s Council. In Season 2, it was Katherine. Then Klaus came along and blew every other villain out of the water. Since Mystic Falls just wouldn’t be Mystic Falls without an astronomical death toll, there has to be someone around to terrorize the townspeople. And would the writers be able to top Klaus? We think not.

5. He’s a fan favorite.
We know we aren’t the only ones who fell in love with Klaus the moment he appeared on screen for the first time. Even though he’s a bloodthirsty killing machine, he does everything with such flair. And that accent. If Julie Plec killed him off, she’d have to answer to us all. We know she’s let go of beloved characters before (RIP, Aunt Jenna), but none of them was Klaus.

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