5 Reasons Caleb Needs to Come Back to Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Reasons Caleb Needs to Come Back to Pretty Little Liars

When most shows are canceled, it means the end of the characters stories altogether. But the same might not be true for Ravenswood’s Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn). He started his journey on Pretty Little Liars and he could theoretically return. With the cancellation of Ravenswood after one season, here’s why he needs to get his butt back to Rosewood.

It makes sense narratively

If Caleb isn’t doing anything important in Ravenswood, then there’s no reason why he would stay away from Rosewood, his home. We suppose the Ravenswood story could continue off-screen, but that would be a weird choice for Pretty Little Liars to make. And, if Caleb can’t make a difference in Ravenswood, he’s going to try to make a difference in Rosewood. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

It’d be a waste of a well-developed character

Jumping off of that, it would be a total waste for Pretty Little Liars to abandon a character who has been developed over four seasons if Caleb does not return. We have known him for a long time and, like the other central love interest on the show, though he may not be as well-developed as the Liars, we still know and care a lot about him. Sure, Pretty Little Liars could develop other supporting characters to take his place, but that would be throwing away all of the investment they have in Caleb. Seems like a lot of work to us.

The Liars need his tech expertise

The “A” game is getting serious in Season 4. Ezra has a new lair, complete with what is seemingly all-Rosewood surveillance. The Liars need their resident tech wizard, especially with Spencer on the fritz! Caleb was always the Liars’ go-to-guy for anything phone or computer related, and not to guilt you or anything, Caleb, but we’re guessing they’ve been missing those skills.

His bromance with Toby

Though our supporting characters don’t always get a lot of time to interact, that changed in Season 4A when Toby and Caleb teamed up to figure out who flew the plane into Rosewood the night of the Thornhill Lodge fire. It was pretty amazing, and we’d like to see more of these town loners and Liar confidantes hanging out. Their friendship makes total sense to us, and we mourned what could have been when Caleb skedaddled to Ravenswood. Now, we don’t have to!


Let’s face it: Though we think the first four reasons on our list are reason enough for Caleb to return to Pretty Little Liars, his relationship with Hanna is the no. 1 reason on our list. These two have been one another’s rocks in dealing with the ridiculously intense hardships of their teenage lives, and though we kind of understood it, we were never complete convinced that Caleb would leave Hanna to deal with “A” without him. Hanna doesn’t need support from Caleb to take down “A,” but she totally deserves it.

Do you think Caleb should return to PLL? Outline your reasons for or against in the comments below!

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