5 Reasons CeCe Frey Will Win The X Factor USA 2012
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5 Reasons CeCe Frey Will Win The X Factor USA 2012

The X Factor Season 2 is an intense three emotional hours each week — and we're only getting more attached to the remaining contestants (don’t even talk to us about how much we miss Lyric Da Queen and Jennel Garcia). As we look towards the finale and hope for the future of American music, here’s why we think fierce CeCe Frey might just win this whole damn thing:

She speaks to all of America — not just the country-loving parts
While we love Carrie Underwood and Phillip Phillips as much as the next talent competition-obsessed fool, it’s time for country to hand its crown on to the next category. Both CeCe’s style and vocal talents transcend typecasting.

She can sing her ass off
Remember that Whitney Houston cover? Despite recent harsh criticism by the judges, CeCe’s voice, when unencumbered by overproduction, is powerful and gorgeous.

And she’s only going to get better!
While we’re catching Vino Alan and Tate Stevens at the height of their game, CeCe’s only just begun her singing career. And, with mentor Demi Lovato by her side, she’s destined to soar to great (read: Gaga-esque) heights.

No one puts CeCe in a corner
Equal parts Ke$ha and Lana Del Rey, CeCe’s got the good-girl-gone-bad-yet-still-melancholy look down pat. Stripped down, the girl even seems to channel Nico or a young Stevie Nicks. In short, she’s no bubblegum pop princess, and we love her for it.

She’s a fighter
Remember when the judges ripped CeCe to shreds after her “Eye of a Tiger” performance? Just 24 hours later, she came back and hit them with a searing “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me,” making us the more grateful that we get to see more of her.

BONUS reason: She once had an imaginary friend eagle named Mayahute.
That is all.

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12.6.2012 / 06:40 AM EDT by Whitney Ricketts
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