5 Reasons Chelsea Should Break Up With Adam on Teen Mom 2
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5 Reasons Chelsea Should Break Up With Adam on Teen Mom 2

As much as we love a man in plunging tank top, when it comes to Chelsea Houska’s relationship with her baby daddy, Adam Lind, we only have two words: Heck no.

Adam and Chelsea’s relationship has been a rocky road of make-ups, break-ups and backwards trucker hats, and it’s finally time to stop the madness.

Check out five reasons Chelsea should ditch her man!

1. He Doesn’t Take Care of Aubree

Adam goes through "Dad of the Year" phases, but most of the time, he’s completely uninvolved in his daughter’s life. He argues that Chelsea doesn’t let him see Aubree, but he’s never gone to court for visitation rights, and he seems perfectly content letting Chelsea raise his daughter all on her lonesome.

2. He’s a Cheater

Last time Chelsea and Adam were dating, he admitted to cheating on her with all kinds of random backwoods hicks. The worst part? He didn’t even feel bad about it. You know what they say: Once a cheater, always a cheater!

3. He Didn’t Help Out During Chelsea’s Surgery

We were shocked that Chelsea allowed Adam to take care of her post-knee surgery. Sure, he helped with Baby Aubree, but when it came to tending to Chelsea, he wasn’t exactly a winner. Adam barely checked up on his gal pal, he didn’t help her in and out of bed, and we definitely didn’t see him with "get well" flowers.

4. He Swears at Aubree!

We still haven’t gotten over the fact that Adam called Aubree a “little bastard” on camera. Calling your daughter a swear word is never OK! Adam’s thrown the B-word at Chelsea too many times to count, and if she stays with him, we have a feeling Aubree’s first word will rhyme with “duck.”

5. He Doesn’t Make an Effort With Chelsea’s Parents

It’s no secret that Chelsea’s dad doesn’t get along with Adam, but we’re Team Pops on this one. Adam’s never made an effort to get to know Chelsea’s parentals (aka his daughter’s grandparents) — how can she date a guy who hates her fam?

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