The Vampire Diaries: 5 Reasons Damon and Elena Need to Get Back Together ASAP
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries: 5 Reasons Damon and Elena Need to Get Back Together ASAP

Damon broke Elena’s heart (and ours) by ending their relationship on the midseason finale The Vampire Diaries. So what’s next for these two star-crossed lovers? Hopefully, getting back together! Here are five reasons why Delena needs to mend their relationship ASAP.

To keep Damon from regressing

Damon’s humanity is not entirely defined by his relationship with Elena, but knowing and loving the empathetic vamp has certainly helped him prioritize his own humanity. With the news that Damon has been murdering Whitmores and with Enzo back in his life we’re kind of worried Damon is going to lose a lot of the progress he has made in the past four seasons. Sure, we enjoyed watching the emotion-less bad boy in Season 1, but that doesn’t mean we want Damon to revert back into his apathetic self.

To give Stefan a chance to breathe

So far, we’ve been digging Stefan’s Elena-less storylines in Season 5. Don’t get us wrong there will always be a part of us that ships Stelena but, especially for right now, we’re eager to see what Stefan’s journey will look like without Elena. Delena’s breakup doesn’t necessarily mean Stelena’s reconciliation, but that is kind of how the show usually works. And we’re not done watching Stefan and Katherine make eyes at one another. Or, watching Stefan cry over Delena’s collective betrayal. Sorry, slightly bitter Stefan is oh-so-much fun to watch.

Because Damon’s guilt feels redundant

We’re not saying that Damon shouldn’t feel like a huge jerk for killing Aaron’s aunt, but it feels a bit redundant for him and Elena to go through this whole “I’m no good for you” phase considering it has been the underlying theme of their relationship, and something Elena actively addressed when she confessed her love for Damon in the Season 4 finale. If the show is going to do this storyline, then they need to build it a bit more progressively Damon’s about-face seemed to come on fast and make us believe that this was a natural progression in their relationship. Perhaps, Damon sees Elena do something remorselessly terrible and fears it is because of his influence? Or, Damon continues to fall deeper into darkness with Enzo’s bad influence, and calls it quit. As long as the break-up feels earned.

Because the break-up diminishes Elena’s agency

We were kind of pissed about how Damon went about breaking up with Elena: just telling her that he had made the choice, decision final!, without giving Elena so much as a “but…” in the situation. We like to think that Damon respects Elena more than that and, by hopefully giving Elena some time to explain her take on the situation in future eps, these two crazy kids will get back together and we’ll see Elena regain some of her agency in the relationship and show.

Because they just got together!

Are we the only ones who feel like Delena just got together? Sure, these two have had a whole summer of gallivanting around Mystic Falls in love, but we’ve only gotten 10 episodes of Delena! And, after four seasons of teasing their inevitable relationship, we think we deserve a little bit more.

Do you want to see Delena back together? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, January 23 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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