5 Reasons Daniella McBride Needs to Be on Bachelor Pad 4
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5 Reasons Daniella McBride Needs to Be on Bachelor Pad 4

Time to get an STD test, flop in a sea of hot fudge, and stock up on boxed white wine — Bachelor Pad 4 is upon us. On the off chance that you aren't familiar with this fabulous show, here's what goes down: the biggest players from Bachelor Nation gather under one roof, partner up (read: have sex), and partake in a series of grueling challenges in the hopes of winning $250,000.

It takes a certain kind of person to take on this feat of physical strength, and we think Sean Lowe's Bachelor Season 17 ex-girlfriend Daniella McBride is up for the job. Why? Because of this list, that's why.

1. She Cries, Like, All the Time
Daniella is constantly pretty-crying. She basically can't get through a conversation with herself, Sean, or any of the cameramen without collapsing into a fit of tears. Last time we saw someone cry so hard, we were watching The Notebook and looking at ourselves in the mirror.

2. She's Rocking a Great Bikini Body
Having a perfect bikini bod is a requirement for Bachelor Pad. Ladies spend most of their waking hours rubbing hot oil on each other and trying not to get infections from fungal-infested towels, so looking good is a must. Which brings us to Daniella. She's always bikini ready, though she does seem self-conscious about strutting around naked on camera. Don't worry, one box of Franzia and she'll be over it.

5 Reasons Daniella McBride Needs to Be on Bachelor Pad 4
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3. She Didn't Get a Chance To Shine on The Bachelor
Despite the fact that she made it all the way to Canada, Daniella never got her moment in Sean Lowe's spotlight (read: the light reflecting off his chest hair tuff). Bachelor Pad 4 will be Daniella's chance to let down her tri-colored hair and show off her real personality, and we can't wait!

4. She's Up For Anything... Including But Not Limited to Drunken Makeout Sessions
Daniella was a good sport during all of Sean Lowe's near-death challenges — she even risked hypothermia in the hopes of getting a rose. Her adventurous attitude will fit right in on The Pad, a sinister place where contestants are frequently asked to suspend themselves over tepid pools of water and wade through oceans of whipped cream.

5. The Boys Will Love Her, the Girls Will Love to Hate Her
We have a feeling Daniella will stir up all kinds of drama in Bachelor Mansion. The dudes will be clamoring for her attention, and most importantly? Her fellow ladies will plot to smother her with spray tan. Ugh, why is this the most perfect TV show ever?

Do you think Daniella should be on Bachelor Pad 4? Hit the comments!

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