5 Reasons Emily and Paige Belong Together on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Reasons Emily and Paige Belong Together on Pretty Little Liars

It’s been a confusing season for we Paily fans on Pretty Little Liars. Alison’s return confused Emily (Shay Mitchell), who still had feelings for her former bestie. But, throughout Em’s exploration of those feelings for Ali, her feelings for Paige (Lindsey Shaw) remained. It’s obvious from this sneak peek into tonight’s episode that the exes still have something between them, and we think they should totally act on it. Here are five reasons why Emily and Paige belong together.

They make each other brave. One of the best things about the Paily relationship is the way these two young women make each other strong — by setting an example when the other is down, by believing in one another (and vocalizing that belief), and by simply loving each other. These sources of strength cannot be undervalued, especially in the lives the Liars lead.

They find each other at their lowest. It’s no coincidence that, when Emily was drugged, she went to Paige’s. It’s where she felt safest. When Paige was struggling with coming out, she eventually found her way to Emily’s house. “If I say it, out loud — if I say ‘I’m gay’ — everything is going to change,” Paige said through tears. And Emily smiled and said, “Yeah. It will.” These two always know how to give the other the strength to pick themselves up.

5 Reasons Emily and Paige Belong Together on Pretty Little Liars
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They call each other out. Paily may love one another, but that isn’t an excuse for disrespect, even if it comes in the guise of wanting to protect someone you love. One of our favorite things about the Paily relationship is that, when they piss each other off, they let the other one know. Heck, when Paige went behind Emily’s back to let the police know that Ali was still alive, Emily broke up with her for it. She didn’t want to be with Paige if she couldn’t trust her, and we respect that, even if we’re pulling for that bridge of trust to be rebuilt.

Paige has the Liars’ backs. The Liars are the most important people in one another’s lives, and it’s important that their significant others get that. A big Paily moment for us came in the Season 3 Halloween special when Paige saved Spencer from the Queen of Hearts, a move that won Spencer’s trust after some us vs. them silliness. Later, Paige teamed up with Caleb to find “A” on their own. We love that Paige is looking out for all of the Liars. Frankly, they can use all the help they can get.

They’re just so darn cute together. When these two are on screen together, beautiful things happen. They don’t want to be anybody’s mushy squash, and they aren’t when it comes to one another. And don’t even get us started on any Paily scene that is shot next to water.

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