5 Reasons Grey’s Anatomy Shouldn’t End After Season 9
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Grey's Anatomy

5 Reasons Grey’s Anatomy Shouldn’t End After Season 9

Last week, we asked you if you thought Grey's Anatomy should end after Season 9, and the answer was a resounding "NO."

While we've had our quibbles with the show over the years, we tend to agree with you: We want it to keep going, at least for a while longer. Here are five reasons Grey's should definitely not end this year.

1. The docs still have a lot of growing to do. A big chunk of the main characters just became attendings this year. After following them since they were interns, we want to watch them really grow into their new leadership roles, too — not to mention into their lives as fully fledged adults with long-term relationships and new families.

2. Meredith's pregnancy. We don't just want to see Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) give birth — we want to see her raise her new baby, at least for a little while.

3. The new interns. Okay, we were iffy on the new interns at the start of this season, and if we're being honest, we're still iffy on some of them. But a few have begun to grow on us. It would be a shame if the show ended just when we were starting to like them.

4. This season was depressing. We'd love it if the last season of Grey's didn't start on quite such a down note (though with Shonda Rhimes at the helm, this might be an impossible dream).

5. The ratings are still good. On a totally practical level, Grey's still pulls in a large audience, so why should it be cancelled? Fortunately, this also means the show is in very little danger of actually being cancelled. Whew.

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