5 Reasons Pretty Little Liars’ Hanna Should Move to Ravenswood
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Reasons Pretty Little Liars’ Hanna Should Move to Ravenswood

The more we see of Ravenswood, the less likely it seems that Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) will ever return to the comparatively idyllic hamlet of Rosewood. Which leaves only one solution for our Haleb-shipping happiness: Hanna (Ashley Benson) should move to Ravenswood. Here are five reasons why we think the relocation is a good idea for our favorite Pretty Little Liars protagonist.

To protect Caleb

We’re not saying Caleb can’t protect himself, but he did go running after an angry spirit all by his lonesome at the end of last night’s episode. That’s breaking, like, the first rule of how to survive in a horror film. Hanna, on the other hand, has been doing this sort of thing long enough to know how to stay relatively safe when combatting evil. Sure, she doesn’t have much practice with the supernatural element, but she’s a clever girl, we’re sure she’ll catch on.

To be Olivia’s friend

Is it just us, or is Liv in serious need of a friend right about? Though Olivia has her boyfriend and brother to watch her back, she’s still in need of a gal pal until ex-bestie Tess gets her priorities straight. We think Olivia and Hanna might get along rather well. They both seem to be into beauty and fashion, and they both know what it’s like for an entire town to think their mother killed someone. See, their heartfelt chats practically write themselves!

To get away from “A”

There may be ghosts in Ravenswood, but at least “A” is no longer there. Hanna has spent four seasons trying to get away from the machinations of one cyber stalker or another. Perhaps, Ravenswood is the perfect solution. Sure, Ezra has ventured there before, but he doesn’t have power there. The balance of control in the spooky town seems to tip towards the spirits that reside there, which means Hanna would finally be free to live her life until Spencer solves the whole “A” mystery. Then, everyone can return to Rosewood and live happily ever after.

To give Caleb hugs

Remy gave Caleb a hug in the second episode of Ravenswood, but we don’t think that was nearly enough. No one was there to hug Caleb when he almost drowned in a river. No one was there to hug Caleb when he found out he was the target of some murderous curse. No one was there to hug Caleb at Miranda’s funeral. Or, at least, no one did. We need to remedy this, pronto!

To grill Raymond Collins

Caleb’s been doing a pretty good job of challenging Raymond’s excuses and justifications for not being there for Miranda, but you know who’s even better at calling people out on their bologna? Hanna! She has pretty much made a career of it back in Rosewood, yelling at people who have let her loved ones, especially Caleb, down. She’s also very good at getting straight answers out of people - or, at least not being afraid to ask bold questions. We’d like to see her have a heart-to-heart with Uncle Ray and Mrs. Grunwald. They obviously know more than they’re letting on...

Do you think Hanna should move to Ravenswood? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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