5 Reasons Janel Parrish Will Win Dancing With the Stars Season 19
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Reasons Janel Parrish Will Win Dancing With the Stars Season 19

Have you heard the whispers? Pretty Little LiarsJanel Parrish (Mona) is reported to be a contestant on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. We hope this is true. We’re still reeling from the death of Mona in the PLL summer finale and could do with some dancing Janel to make us feel better.

And, if Janel does appear on DWTS, you just know she’s going all the way. Here are five reasons Janel would win DWTS...

She has a background in musical theater. Did you know Janel comes from a musical theater background? She got her start on Broadway as a kid in Les Miserables. Talk about a triple threat!

Mona’s determination couldn’t have been all acting. Janel is an amazing actress, but we think some of the mettle she demonstrated as the ever-persistent Mona came from Janel herself. If Janel has even a fraction of the moves her on-screen counterpart has demonstrated time and again, then she’s a force to be reckoned with.

She can get tips from bestie Brant Daugherty. Janel is adorable real-life BFFs with Brant Daugherty aka PLL’s Noel Kahn and DWTS Season 17 contestant. He can give her the inside scoop on what it takes to compete on the show before she even sets foot on the dance floor.

She has the PLL fanbase for support. Never underestimate the power of the PLL fandom. PLL is one of the most tweeted-about shows of all time, and the fanbase loves Janel. Now that her character has been unceremoniously murdered on the show, she gets the sympathy vote as well as the brainiac badass one. With millions of PLLers on her side (not to mention the combined tweeting power of her PLL co-stars), Janel is a serious contender for DWTS queen.

She’s rumored to be partnered with Val Chmerkoskiy. If the rumors are correct, Janel will be dancing with Val Chmerkoskiy and Val is due for a win. Despite his consistently high scores in recent seasons, he has yet to take home the ultimate prize. With Janel by his side, we think this could be the season.

Do you want to see Janel on DWTS? Do you think she could win it all? Sound off in the comments below!

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