5 Reasons Glee’s Kurt and Starchild Should Be Together
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5 Reasons Glee’s Kurt and Starchild Should Be Together

The first moment Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert (Adam Lambert) came swinging in on a fabulous crystal chandelier back in Season 5, Episode 4: “A Katy or a Gaga,” we fell head-over-heels in love with his character. But more so, we’ve started to have major feels that Starchild should get involved with a certain someone on the hit dramedy: fellow bandmate Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer).

We know this may upset those of you who ship Kurt with Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) — enrage you, even — but hear us out. Even Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) flat-out told Kurt to stop flirting with Starchild at the diner — so they obviously have some major chemistry. There are some very compelling reasons why these two simply belong together.

1. Starchild is confident in his identity: He knows exactly who he is.

We can’t seem to get that rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night” out of our head! Starchild walked into that audition room ready to deliver all kinds of fabulous, and he did an amazing job honoring Mother Monster and her mega hit song. But when we look past the epic riffs and pelvic thrusts, we we can see one thing: Starchild knows exactly who he is. This kid is a total New York City character and is as fierce as they come. Blaine sticks to bow-ties and plaid shirts, the same outfits as always, wears Starchild is unique on a daily basis. His glam rock vibe makes our hearts stop.

2. Starchild would challenge Kurt.

Starchild’s been comfortable in his own skin for a few years now, while Kurt is a recent high school graduate who has fled Ohio to the mean streets of New York City. Not only is Kurt still trying to decide what to do with his life, but he’s still trying to figure out exactly who he is as a person. Sure, Kurt is already secure in himself, but Starchild could really push Kurt to explore a bit more and to really experience life. Isn’t that what Kurt’s supposed to do in these formative years? Starchild can do that for him, Blaine can’t (sorry, not sorry).

3. Blaine is almost too immature for Kurt.

Speaking of Blaine, let’s be honest: That whole puppet episode showed just how immature Blaine actually is (come on, he sang and danced with puppets for an hour). He stressed about life, so he copes by making puppet versions of all his friends... because they’re easier to control, and won’t talk back? We don’t blame Blaine for being stressed, he’s still just a senior in high school. He just got engaged, and it overwhelmed with having to suddenly decide the course of his life.

But Blaine is almost the complete opposite of Starchild, not only because the NYC musician seems to have his life figured out, but also in terms of style, fierceness, and attitude. We know that it’s not fair to play the age factor against Blaine, but with Kurt slightly ahead of the curve emotionally, he needs to continue on that upward trajectory. Remember that Blaine went against Burt Hummel’s (Mike O’Malley) advice and asked Kurt to marry him. Sorry, folks, but that was definitely jumping the gun.

4. Blaine is a cheater.

This one is pretty much straight-forward. In Season 4, Episode 4: “The Break-Up,” Blaine comes clean to Kurt about cheating on him with a guy he met on Facebook named Eli C. Klaine ultimately broke up, and their relationship just hasn’t felt right since. Blaine’s betrayal cannot be justified (even though Kurt eventually forgave him) and showed us a new side of a character who had, until that moment, seemed pretty close to perfect. So far, Starchild seems very earnest and trustworthy, and we have a feeling that this pairing would face fewer obstacles than Kurt and Blaine have — and still are — facing.

5. They’re in the same city — hey, it helps.

This one may seem a little silly, but its pretty much a rule that LDRs (long-distance relationships) never work out. With Starchild and Kurt living in the same city, they face a much better shot at making it than Blaine and Kurt do. Ohio isn’t too far away from New York City, but travelling to and from isn’t cheap. Kurt should be experiencing the world right now, not worrying about a fiancé that is going to class and worrying about who gets the solo in the next show choir competition. He needs someone who is there and available. He needs Starchild.

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