5 Reasons Marcel Is the New Damon on The Originals
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5 Reasons Marcel Is the New Damon on The Originals

We have seen charismatic vampire Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) go through many incarnations in the first season of Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals. He has been the admiring son, the confident leader, and the ousted king. And, the more we learn about him, the more he reminds us of another vampire near and dear to our hearts. Here are five reasons Marcel is the new Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder).

They were drawn into vampirism by someone they loved. In last night’s episode of The Originals, we learned a bit more about the backstory behind Marcel’s turn to vampirism, and it reminded us a bit of Damon’s origin story. Like Damon, Marcel was pulled into the vampire world by the unexpected love for and of another. For Damon, it was the romantic love of Katherine Pierce. For Marcel, it was the paternal love of Klaus, who saved him from his plantation owner father. Furthermore, both characters’ conversions to vampirism were a direct result of their fathers shooting them. Ouch.

They were both soldiers. Damon served as a Confederate soldier in the Civil War, while Marcel served as a soldier in World War I — and, might we say, they both look damn good in uniform. The main difference in their respective tours was that Damon served as a soldier before he turned vamp, while Marcel had already been turned when he went to war. Notably, Damon planned to enlist with Stefan for World War II, but was convinced on the train platform not to go by Lexi.

They have villainous tendencies. So far, Marcel has actually been one of the more moral characters on The Originals. Now, to be fair, that isn’t saying a lot, but it does mean something within this supernatural universe. Still, we’ve seen Marcel flirt with villainy. He killed Jane Anne Devereaux in the very first episode. He organized a human slaughter to set off the vampires at the Feast of the Blessings. Last night, we saw him more or less promise Klaus that he would do whatever it took to take back the French Quarter. This wasn’t the first time we suspected this show might be about Marcel’s fall from grace as much as it is about Klaus’ possible redemption. No one does falls from grace better than Damon Salvatore.

They are the most charismatic in the room. We love us some Mikaelsons, but Marcel sure does know how to command an audience. Much like Damon, when he is in the room (or on the screen), your eye can’t help but be drawn to him. He oozes effortless charisma in a way that is only possible when you have supreme confidence in yourself.

They both love fiercely. It’s hard to talk about Damon and not mention his fierce and undying love for Elena. This guy secretly pined after her for seasons while she and his own brother made heart-eyes at one another. But Marcel might be able to give Damon a run for his money. Sure, he let Rebekah stay daggered for a little bit longer than we would have liked, but he has loved her for centuries. He was willing to summon Mikael to town for her. He planned to build her a beautiful house. And, like Delena, we have hopes that their love story is far from over.

Do you think Marcel and Damon have a lot in common? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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