5 Reasons Melanie Martinez Should Have Won The Voice Season 3
5 Reasons Melanie Martinez Should Have Won The Voice Season 3
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5 Reasons Melanie Martinez Should Have Won The Voice Season 3


The Voice Season 3 is filled with amazing contestants, but sadly, only one can take home the prize.

Although Team Adam’s Melanie Martinez was definitely a stand-out contestant this season, the young New York native's quiet, yet powerful sound wasn't enough to get her through the finals, and she was eliminated on Dec. 4. We'll miss her two-toned hairdo and unique style, but we know that this isn't the last we'll see of Melanie.

Here are our Top 5 reasons she should have won The Voice:

5) She’s honest about her performances

Unlike certain contestants who choose to stay strictly positive (regardless of their actual performance), Melanie doesn’t hesitate to admit when a performance is a challenge. On the red carpet following her Nov. 12 performance, she talked about her rendition of Young the Giant’s “Cough Syrup” with a refreshing dose of honesty.

“The song was a struggle for me, just because it wasn’t something in my wheelhouse completely, so I wanted to let the emotion show through,” she admitted on rick.com.

This honesty, paired with the constructive criticism she received on the show, will only help her career moving forward.

4) She plays the tambourine with her foot

Plenty of contestants on The Voice play instruments, but Melanie was the only singer to play one with her foot. She played the acoustic guitar and a foot tambourine during her blind audition of Britney Spears’s “Toxic,” and then brought it back during her Nov. 26 performance of Alex Clare's "Too Close." Talk about talent!

3) She has the craziest ‘do

Recently, Melanie revealed that infamous Disney villain Cruella de Vil inspired her two-tone hairdo. And though Mel’s mom isn’t the biggest fan, this wacky style definitely helps her stand out. Bonus fact: Melanie recently revealed to Christina Milian that she owns around 10 different hair bows!

2) She’s the only one who sounds like her

Though he’s her coach and comes in with obvious bias, Adam Levine was spot on when he pointed out that Melanie was one of a kind this season. There’s no other singer who comes close to her laid-back indie sound, and hopefully we'll hear that on her debut record soon!

1) She isn’t afraid to stand out

Being memorable can only help you on The Voice, and Melanie certainly fits the bill. From her soft, otherworldly sound to her eccentric look, she has the “makings of a star,” according to Blake Shelton. And we're counting on it!

Do you think Melanie should have won? Weigh in below!

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