5 Reasons Sharleen Joynt Should Be the Next Bachelorette
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5 Reasons Sharleen Joynt Should Be the Next Bachelorette

Sharleen Joynt is the most interesting woman in Bachelor Nation. Heck, she may even merit her own Dos Equis commercial. And while we’d collapse in shock if she actually ended up with Season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, since they don’t seem to be a realistic match, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a good match for The Bachelorette. On the contrary, the earnest opera singer is a breath of fresh air and exactly what this franchise needs. Here are five reasons why we’re currently backing Team Shar for Bachelorette Season 10.

1. She’s honest

Sharleen had us at “Seriously?” and really won us over with “Sure.” We drifted a bit when she kept calling Juan Pablo “Sir” but that was just first night jitters. What’s great about Sharleen is she says what she feels — and not just to the cameras or the other girls. She was surprised to get the first impression rose, and she showed it. She had concerns about her relationship with Juan Pablo, so they talked about it. He asked her about kids, and she told him the truth, knowing it could be a dealbreaker. That JPG basically blew off what she actually said is his own problem, but it speaks highly of Sharleen. The girl talks truth, and not just behind people’s backs. There’s no artifice for her, no faking more emotions than she feels, no treating this like a pageant or a job interview. That’s so blessedly rare.

2. She’s unique

Yeah, she’s awkward. She’s not flirtatious. She’s probably not the life of any party. And she desperately needs Arie Luyendyk, Jr.’s kissing school. But we’ve never seen anyone like her on the show before. She’s fresh. She’s smart. She’s quirky-funny. And she mentioned the cameras — she broke the fourth wall of production, and no one has done that. Who is this marvelous alien rebel and are there more of her coming?

5 Reasons Sharleen Joynt Should Be the Next Bachelorette
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    

3. She’s realistic

It’s easy for contestants to lose themselves in Bachelor fantasyland, then snap out of it when they get home. Sharleen is definitely not just flattered to be noticed and she’s not giving us the impression that she’s there to “win.” She wasn’t 100 percent sure about JPG from the beginning — and why should she be when she just met the guy? She continued to have doubts on Episode 4, but she’s slowly warming up to him. It’s not like she isn’t trying — she even moved in for the kiss on Ep 3 — but everything is on a real human schedule. And if JPG isn’t the one, he isn’t the one. She’s not the type to just get swept away by the “process.”

4. She has “mundo”!

Sharleen is a worldly woman who traveled to Bachelor Nation from Heidelberg, Germany. She’s not one of the giggling cheerleader-esque “woo!” girls who are immediately into whatever guy happens to be handing out roses. Even the way she dressed on the first night showed JPG that she’s different in a good way — more sophisticated and cultured. (Grown sexy?) We’re down for a classy season of The Bachelorette, with the men cast to woo her having to really earn her respect instead of just taking their shirts off.

5. She probably doesn’t want to do it

Shar is someone who needs to be won over, and that’s a good thing. The Powers That Be shouldn’t just give the Bachelor/ette job to whoever wants it the most, or whoever seems really sweet or really hot or just really willing to get married on TV this time next year. Give it to someone who probably isn’t there to get more TV time, and who maybe doesn’t even know how the hell she got on TV to begin with. This “journey” takes dark turns and fans tend to fall in and out of love with the rose-givers. Shar doesn’t seem like she’s very impressionable; she probably wouldn’t let herself be led too much by the producers and if fans didn’t like her during certain points, she seems strong enough to take it. If she said yes, it would probably be for “the right reasons” with no monetary or fame-related agenda. Not that she doesn’t deserve those, too...

What do you think? Are you up for a unique, awkward, realistic, semi-reluctant, rule-breaking season of The Bachelorette or are you giving this your “hell no” face?