5 Reasons You Should Start Watching Revenge Again
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5 Reasons You Should Start Watching Revenge Again

It's no secret that many Revenge fans jumped ship during or after the unfortunately convoluted Season 2, and honestly, we can hardly blame you. For a while there, it was only our love of Nolan Ross the kept us coming back. However, if you bailed, but miss the juicy Hamptons drama, we have good news: It's time to tune back in.

Season 3 has successfully shaken off Season 2's most egregious errors, swiftly sweeping that Initiative/Carrion nonsense under the rug and proceeding more or less as if never happened. The show has really had a return to form, and we have five reasons Revenge is once again must-see TV.

1. This time, it's personal...again. Season 2 was bogged down by the Initiative, which stole attention away from what we really care about Emily Thorne and her personal quest for revenge against the people that wronged her father. If we want massive conspiracies, we'll pop in an episode of Scandal. Revenge's original strength was its compelling cast of characters and their deeply interwoven tapestry of sins. Season 3 has returned to that, keeping the story entirely focused on Emily, the Graysons, and the few poor souls (lookin' at you, Jack) who've been dragged into their multi-generational war.

2. The Graysons are so great. One of the few really good developments in Season 2 was Conrad Grayson's evolution into a scene-stealing Magnificent Bastard, and he hasn't lost any of his delectable evilness this year. Victoria, of course, continues to be a worthy opponent for Emily, and even the Grayson children have gotten their hands dirty. You know what they say: the family that schemes together makes addictive TV together.

3. Secrets are revealed. If you were getting sick of the status quo, this season's got the cure. Season 2 ended with Emily revealing her identity to Jack who — spoiler alert! — is not exactly happy to learn that his entire life for the last few summers has been a lie. And let's just say he's not the only one to get wind of the fact that Miss Emily Thorne isn't the person she claims to be.

4. Romance done right. The romance plots have sometimes felt forced, but this season the writers have found a way to balance romance and revenge. It helps that Jack is now in the know, which means he and Emily have more to do than stare longingly at each other.

5. All Nolan, all the time. Who doesn't love the Hampton's snarkiest genius billionaire? Fortunately, the writers seem to be well aware of Nolan's appeal. From seducing hot men to being Emily's number one confidante, the fashionable misfit has had plenty of plot, and we're loving every second.

Are you enjoying Revenge this season? Sound off in the comments below!

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