5 Reasons Tate Stevens Will Win The X Factor USA 2012
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5 Reasons Tate Stevens Will Win The X Factor USA 2012

We're getting down to the wire, people, and soon — very soon — we'll have a winner for Season 2 of The X Factor USA. Here are five reasons that give Tate Stevens a leg up on the competition:

5) Tate was #1 in the voting two weeks in a row.
It's not just you. Everybody loves Tate, and it's showing in the votes. Top spot two weeks in a row! Look for lots of Tate-loving viewers to make the calls and send the texts needed to give him a victory.

4) America loves country music.
Does it ever. And country music fans vote (see above). Consider the victories of Carrie Underwood and Scotty McCreery over at American Idol. TV viewers are going crazy for the music on the new ABC series Nashville, too. Safe to say: music with a twang makes a big bang.

3) Tate is a talent who's paid his dues.
Tate is no young kid who just bounced in and said, "Hey, I'd like to be a star. Make that happen, will you?" The 37-year-old from Missouri has been singing since he was 4 — from talent shows and church choirs to working professionally with his band, The Dixie Cadillacs. He's opened for some big acts over the years, but he's never quite hit the major limelight, until now. And it's about time.

2) Tate is humble as all-get-out.
Tate knows how lucky he is for the X Factor experience. Too many contestants act as though they will win and they deserve to win. Tate is aware that anyone can fall to the bottom, so don't get too cocky. As he told Wetpaint Entertainment, when asked what he would do if he lost his top slot, "[I'd] just hold my head up, and … do what I have to do to get better. If I stay around, sing my 'Save Me' song, if that is what it takes. And hopefully be up for the next week. It's always head up, looking forward." He's also the nicest guy around, who's married to his high school sweetheart!

1) This country boy can SING!!
So many factors enter into determining who wins a televised singing competition — What is the contestant's story? What genre do they sing? How do they look? — but in the end, this is a singing competition, and Tate has got the pipes of a winner!

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11.22.2012 / 04:16 AM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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