5 Reasons The Secret Circle Should Be Renewed For Season 2
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The Secret Circle

5 Reasons The Secret Circle Should Be Renewed For Season 2

The Secret Circle is our favorite supernatural show of all time, but we have some frightening news: It still hasn't been renewed for a second season. Check out 5 reasons this magical teen drama needs to come to the small screen next fall!

1. We Need More Jake (Chris Zylka)
At this point, Jake has become our own personal gateway drug. It's as though he's the first foray into a studly addiction that no 12-step program can possibly cure. There's no going back now that Jake and his closet full of man tanks are in our lives, and if The Secret Circle gets canceled we'll probably suffer some kind of emotional breakdown. We're thinking a body pillow, a pile of elderberry sticks, and a blow-up poster of Jake's six pack will help us cope.

2. It's the Only Show About Witches on Television (Well, That Isn't on Disney....)
Witches are featured in a few other shows (The Vampire Diaries and True Blood come to mind), but there aren't any dramas on TV where witches are the main event. The Secret Circle is reppin' broomstick riders big time, and without it we'd have to get our magical fix by reading Harry Potter for the thousandth time. Actually, that wouldn't be completely terrible.

3. We Can't Live Without Adam's (Thomas Dekker) Eyelashes
Adam's luscious lashes have been a conversation starter since they first blew us away (literally, they generate a lot of breeze) a couple months ago. Some people think they're coated with manscara, some people think they're fake, and some people (like us) think they're the real deal — but there's only one way to put this epic debate to rest: by extending The Secret Circle for a second season.

4. There's Tons of Drama and Non-Stop Suspense
We challenge you to find any other show with as much supernatural dramarama as The Secret Circle. In just one season, we've seen dead bird sex, love-triangles, demon worms and time travel — and that's just the tip of the jaw-dropping iceberg! We're on the edge of our broomsticks during each episode, and honestly we don't know what we'd do without it. Probably watch Charmed re-runs. Sigh.

5. There Are Too Many Loose Ends!
The Secret Circle execs simply don't have enough episodes left to wrap up all the loose ends! What happened 16 years ago? Who betrayed the Circle? Who is Cassie's (Britt Robertson) secret sister? We have a horrible feeling that fans will be left hanging if TSC isn't given another season. Do you want to The Secret Circle to be the new Lost, Kevin Williamson? Do you?

If you're as desperate for The Secret Circle to be renewed as we are, hit up the poll!

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04.19.2012 / 01:18 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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