5 Reasons We’ll Miss Dancing With the Stars Pro Tristan MacManus
5 Reasons We’ll Miss Dancing With the Stars Pro Tristan MacManus
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5 Reasons We’ll Miss Dancing With the Stars Pro Tristan MacManus


Irish eyes aren’t smiling too much this week. Dancing With the Stars pro Tristan MacManus won’t be competing on Season 18, which means this will be the first time since Season 11 that we haven’t seen or heard him in the ballroom. Tristan joined the DWTS pro troupe in Season 12 and started competing on Season 13. We had our fingers crossed for him to not only be cast for the spring 2014 season, but to finally be paired with a real contender. Oh well. Tristan spoke out about not making the Season 18 cut and it sounds like he might be leaving the show for good. Hopefully that’s not the case, since the show won’t be the same without him!

In the meantime, here are five things we’ll miss about Tris:

1. His attitude. Now that Tristan isn’t competing, he should become a yoga instructor or a life coach. He just has such a calming presence and casual attitude, which is exactly what celebs need when they’re under such pressure. (Imagine how anyone else would’ve handled Nancy Grace.) You never see him confusing any of this with brain surgery. It is what it is — and it’s supposed to be fun, not so intensely competitive that people drop f-bombs all day and cry in the corner. Who cares if you don’t get 10s? The stakes aren’t exactly life-altering.

2. His accent. Honestly, he could say anything and it would sound good, he just happens to also say wise, funny things worth hearing. That’s a bonus, though.

3. His looks. On a shallow note, yeah, we’ll miss his smile, his hair, his tattoos, his tongue always hanging out. Not everyone wants their dream guys to have six-pack abs and giant muscles. Some of us like the kind of guy who looks like a sensitive poet, but happens to also be a sports-loving goofball who can dance. Sure, he just got hitched, but that’s OK — we’re not trying to marry him, we just want worthy eye candy!

5 Reasons We’ll Miss Dancing With the Stars Pro Tristan MacManus
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3. His presence on St. Paddy’s Day. DWTS Season 18 premieres on St. Patrick’s Day and it’s just wrong for the Irish pro to not be around to celebrate with us. How can the season do well without its Lucky Charm?

4. His real chance to win... Which we’re still awaiting. Why hasn’t he ever had a contender? You can’t say he hasn’t paid his dues with challenging partners. Some pros luck out on that front pretty often, others get a balance of good and not-so-good, but Tristan never once got someone who really had a strong shot of winning. There are several lady celebs with potential this season, and it would’ve been nice to see him with someone like Meryl Davis, Candace Cameron Bure or Danica McKellar.

5. His dancing. Last but certainly not least, we’ll miss seeing him on the dance floor. It’s hard to really show all you can do when you don’t have advanced partners, but Tristan worked his magic anyway. He and his celebs were always a joy to watch — whether Tris was flashing some tongue in a Jive or gliding gracefully through a Waltz. He has such a big heart and he always took care of his partners.

Are you sorry to see him go too? What will you miss most about Tristan? Relive his first and final (so far) dances as a competing pro — his Cha-Cha-Cha with Season 13’s Nancy Grace, and his Viennese Waltz with Season 17’s Valerie Harper. We’ll try to “Carry On” without him!

Nancy & Tristan, Cha-Cha-Cha:

Valerie & Tristan, Viennese Waltz:

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