5 Reasons Charlie Askew Will Win American Idol 2013
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5 Reasons Charlie Askew Will Win American Idol 2013

He may not be winner material to some people, but we can't help but cheer for him anyway. If you are like us, you are absolutely loving American Idol 2013 breakout performer Charlie Askew. While he may be quirky, but he has an amazing voice and is a natural-born entertainer. If you want to know our 5 reasons why we think Charlie Askew will win American Idol 2013, read on!

The American Idol judges seem to love him as much as we do, since they’ve chosen him as one of the Season 12 Top 20!

When we found out Charlie Askew had made it into the Top 20, the natural thing that came to mind was the question of whether or not he could win American Idol 2013. He’s cute and he has amazing vocals, but is he just a little too out there to be the next American Idol winner?

To be honest, we’re really not sure Charlie has the ‘it’ factor America will be looking for when they decide who will win American Idol this year. However, we’d like to present our reasons why we think he should be in the running to take home the top prize.

1. Kind of weird or not, there is no denying Charlie Askew can sing the hell out of a song. Just take a listen to his audition of “Breakthrough” in Baton Rouge. I mean, really? Did you expect that voice to come out of this little guy?

2. He can make an overplayed, overused song sound fresh and fun. After endless people butchered and made us groan with “Somebody I Used to Know” by Gotye during the Hollywood Week rounds, Charlie Askew was absolutely fabulous when he performed the song as his solo piece.

3. He’s not afraid to take risks. During the Las Vegas ‘sudden death’ rounds, Charlie Askew tackled “Rocket Man” by Elton John. If you’ve been watching reality TV talent shows for very long, you probably know doing any Elton John song is a risky prospect. Doing THIS one was just ballsy... and it paid off big time by earning Charlie a place in the Top 20.

4. Everyone loves him. Charlie is oddball and eccentric enough to bring in the alternative crowd, but positive and engaging enough to be considered adorable by the mainstreamers. He has great potential to be a true ‘artistic’ pop star if given the right opportunities.

5. He’s a real talent. Let’s face it. Some of the people who have gotten through to the Top 40 (and the Top 20) have big voices and cute faces, but they have been relying a lot on doing BIG songs or on having a great look and stage presence. Charlie is not the hottest guy on the stage. He doesn’t have a big gospel voice. When he opens his mouth to sing, however, what comes out is just pure gold no matter what song he’s singing.

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