5 Reasons Devin Velez Will Win American Idol 2013
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5 Reasons Devin Velez Will Win American Idol 2013

In past seasons of American Idol, some clear frontrunners have emerged early on in the competition. Season 12, on the other hand, has so much talent, it’s really anyone’s season to win. Although many have predicted that a girl will prevail in the end, thus breaking the WGWG (White Guy With Guitar) curse, the guys are certainly giving the girls a run for their money. One of those talented males is Devin Velez. Here are our 5 reasons why Devin Velez will win American Idol 2013:

1. Devin is unique, and that’s a hard thing to accomplish when a show has been on for 12 seasons. He’s won the judges over by singing some of his songs partly in Spanish, and Nicki Minaj has recommended that he continue down that path. While some of the other hopefuls are alike, Devin is really one of a kind.

2. He’s got the support of friends back home. Devin’s classmates at Rickover Naval Academy in the Edgewater area of Chicago are pulling for him. As Commandant Mike Tooker, an administrator at the school, says, “He’s a very popular student. Everyone, as far as I know, is watching.” If they all pool together their SuperVote power, this guy could win it all!

3. He’s not a white guy with a guitar, so he’s got that going for him. In fact, he’s part Puerto Rican, part Colombian, which is likely what influences his unique style of music.

4. He’s got music in the genes. According to a recent article about Devin in the Sun Times, his mother is a singer who has released a few CDs, his dad, who he hasn’t had contact with in over a decade, sang back in Puerto Rico, and his grandmother “could carry a tune.” He’s been singing since he was a toddler. “I’d be in my playroom just singing my life away,” Devin told The Times.

5. The judges adore this guy. After he took on Beyonce’s “Listen” during the Las Vegas sudden death round, Keith Urban said to Devin, “You walk out there and you can sing. You’ve got a voice, you made a connection with me from your voice.” Randy Jackson said, “I thought it was amazing.” While the judges have turned the voting over to the viewers, we all know from past seasons that their feedback still carries a lot of weight.

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