5 Reasons Why Katherine and Caroline Would Make Awesome Besties
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The Vampire Diaries

5 Reasons Why Katherine and Caroline Would Make Awesome Besties

Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) may just be our new favorite Vampire Diaries duo! These two badass women made such an excellent team getting the truth out of Dr. Wes, we couldn’t help friend-shipping them together. Here are five reasons we think Caroline and Katherine would make the best besties ever.

A quality we love about both Caroline and Katherine is their no-nonsense approaches to life. For the most part, they won’t sugar coat things to make the truth go down easier, even if they’re talking to one of their loved ones (well, you know, if Katherine ever gets one of those). We think the two ladies might appreciate this quality in one another, and their friendship will even thrive because of it. Plus, it will make for hilarious three-way conversations with others.

Fine, maybe Katherine didn’t share the truth about the return of her long-lost daughter so much as Caroline eavesdropped it out of their conversation, but right now, Caroline is the only one who knows about Katherine’s family drama. And we’re betting Katherine needs someone to talk to about all of the feels she’s experiencing surrounding the return of Nadia. Caroline’s a pretty great listener, and a super empathetic person. We think she might be the perfect person to talk to.

Both Caroline and Katherine are going through periods of transition that have and will change them. We think that might their lives vulnerable to an awesome and shared best friendship. Technically, Caroline has spent a few years now as a vampire, but that’s a relatively short amount of time in the life of a mortal. She’s still getting used to it, and to life as a college freshman. As for Katherine, she has had some major upheaval in her life. Not only has she become mortal after 500 years as a vamp, but she just found out she only has three months to live. Talk about some serious growing pains.

Another commonality between these two complex characters? They both had fathers who thought they were abominations. In the case of Katherine, her father thought she was a super-slut for having a daughter out of wedlock. He actually took the baby, Nadia, from her arms right after birth. For Caroline, her father thought her vampirism made her evil. He tried to torture it out of her. Didn’t work. Though Caroline managed to find a degree of loving closure with her father before his death, we’re sure she has some daddy issues she and Katherine could bond over.

Our favorite part about our much-hoped-for Caroline and Katherine best-friendship is to see more of their schemes. These two woman dazzled in their plan to interrogate Dr. Wes and infiltrate the Augustine Society, and they were totally on the same wavelength. It was magical. We’ve talked a lot about what Caroline could do for Katherine in this best friendship, but what about what Katherine can do for Caroline? Continue teaching her course in Villainy 101. Caroline might need it when she helps Klaus talk over the French Quarter!

Do you think Caroline and Katherine would make awesome best friends? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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