Why Kree Harrison Will Win American Idol 2013!
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Why Kree Harrison Will Win American Idol 2013!

We continue to speculate on who will win American Idol 2013 and we just can't ignore the burning hot fan interest in contestant Kree Harrison as her stellar performances continue week to week.

The American Idol judges commented on a few missteps by Kree Harrison during the girls' Hollywood Week (her performances weren't shown) but, since singing “Stars” in the solo round, this girl is on fire (as Alicia Keys might say)!

After she was leaving the stage from that performance, Nicki Minaj was heard saying, “That’s the voice.” And her performance of “Up to the Mountain” only seemed to solidify her status as a top contender in the eyes of the judges (and likely viewers). In fact, Nicki is practically in love with her 'Kreedom' and can't keep gushing over her. Every week she just gets better and better and right now she could be on track to win this whole thing.

Here are five reasons why we think Kree Harrison could be the person who will win American Idol 2013:

1. The girl is good. Duh! She has a completely unique sound and doesn't quite sound like anyone else we've ever had on the show.

2. She has a compelling backstory. She lost her dad in a plane crash and her mom four years later in a car accident. Despite the tragedies that have befallen her, Kree has an incredible outlook and aura about her.

3. Kree is a female country singer, which we’ve already predicted could very well win American Idol this season.

4. This Nashville resident is a songwriter like rival Angie Miller, although we haven't heard any of her songs on the show yet. Check out the video for this song she wrote about her deceased parents, but grab a box of tissues, as you’re going to need ‘em.

5. A pretty girl, Kree has the whole package, but she doesn’t rely on flashy outfits or gimmicks to present herself. Instead, she lets her voice speak for itself (and it speaks volumes).

What do you think could Kree be the American Idol winner for Season 12?

05.14.2013 / 04:45 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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