Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Clare Crawley? 5 Things To Know
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Clare Crawley? 5 Things To Know

Clare Crawley is best known as the girl with a lot of feelings who frollicked in the ocean with Juan Pablo Galavis, and then told him off when he picked Nikki Ferrell over her. The 33-year-old blonde bombshell is coming back into our lives on ABC’s upcoming Bachelor in Paradise, and there’s more to know about this Sacramento hairstylist than cameras showed during her first stint as rose seeker (yes, there are Rose Ceremonies on BiP).

So as we countdown the days to when C-squared will once again grace our screens, we’re also counting down the top five things you need to know about her before tuning in to her return.

1. She’s a health nut.

For reals, check out her Instagram feed and you’ll discover things to do with kale you probably never heard of. Girl juices like nobody’s business and has the glowing skin and tight bod to show for it. We almost considered buying a juicer after spending an hour on her page, but then we remembered we’re lazy.

2. Girl loooves her canine pal, Elbie.

And who wouldn’t love this mug? Cutest. Puppy. Ever. Again, check out her Instagram and you’ll see that the number of pics of her pooch rivals the number of pics of her health habit.

3. She wants a family — stat.

In a recent radio interview, Clare-bear revealed, “I want to be a mom, I want to have babies, and I want to get married.” We did kinda already know that — after all, she’s the one who hopped out of The Bachelor limo with a baby bump under her gown. But she likes to reaffirm it, just in case there’s any confusion.

4. She doesn’t normally speak her mind the way she did with JPG.

In other words, her stint on Bachelor in Paradise isn’t going to be all shakedowns and breakdowns. In the same radio interview, Clare revealed that she’s usually a push over but that Juan Pablo pushed her too far.

“I wasn’t going to tuck my tail between my legs and walk away because I’ve done that far too many times,” she said. “He was so disrespectful that I had to stand up for myself.”

5. Her favorite board game is Clue.

Which means any guy who dates her needs to clue in to the fact that she’s a catch!

Are you surprised by anything on this list? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Clare on Instagram, 107.9 the end, abc.com