5 Things to Know About Theo Wenner, Miley Cyrus’s Rumored Boyfriend
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Miley Cyrus

5 Things to Know About Theo Wenner, Miley Cyrus’s Rumored Boyfriend

Who is Miley Cyrus dating? Great question, as her love life has been on our minds a lot recently, or at least since her split from fiance Liam Hemsworth was confirmed on September 16, 2013. The latest guy on our (and Miley’s) lips is 26-year-old Rolling Stone photographer Theo Wenner, who we’ve been learning about for the last few days.

Before Theo, word was she was dating Bangerz producer Mike WiLL Made It, whom she mentions in practically every track on her new album. Though Miles insisted they were just friends, a lot of cuddly pictures seemed to say otherwise. Similar controversy surrounds Theo and Miley’s rumored affair, since sources are split on whether the pair is together. One thing that’s undeniable? He’s super hot. Here’s what else we know:

1. He photographed Miley for Rolling Stone
Miley recently graced the cover of Rolling Stone, and though what we mostly remember is that she got tattoos of “Rolling” and “Stone” on the bottoms of her feet and that she called cocaine a “‘90s drug,” the pictures aren’t going to leave our heads anytime soon. The topless pool pics were shot by none other than Rolling Stone master Jann Wenner’s kid.

2. Miley isn’t the first subject he’s dated
In 2011, Theo shot Liv Tyler for a French magazine. Shortly after, they began dating. According to sources close to Miley, the young star and Theo quickly bonded on the set of her photo shoot, and have remained close ever since. Could they be following a similar trajectory to rocker Steven Tyler’s daughter? (Dudes, maybe he just likes girls with famous dads?)

3. He’s shot everyone from Rob Pattinson to Taylor Swift
Besides Liv and Miley, Theo has shot Jennifer Lawrence, Rob Pattinson, Taylor Swift, MGMT, Ke$ha, Zack Galifinakis, and tons more of your favorite stars. And really well, too. (But he hasn’t dated all of them, too, if you were working on a theory.)

4. He may have already met her family
Rumor has it that Theo attended Miley’s October 5 hosting stint of Saturday Night Live — and that he sat in the VIP section, right next to her mom Tish and sister Brandi! Oh, and one other guest who was sitting there watching Miley? Mike WiLL Made It. Not awkward at all.

5. Both Theo and Miley Have Been Shot by Terry Richardson
Think Miley’s Rolling Stone photos were scandalous? That’s adorable. Earlier in October, Terry Richardson shot Miley for some of the most NSFW pics we’ve seen grace the interwebs. In April 2011, Terry posted a pic of Liv Tyler and Theo in a pretty cute pic. Want to close this circle? Theo once photographed the Girls cast. Audrey Gelman stars on Girls sometimes. Audrey Gelman is Terry Richardson’s girlfriend. You know, the guy who shot Miley nearly nude. Like Theo did.

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