5 Things We Learned From Sean Lowe’s Video: Sex and Lawsuits!
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Sean Lowe

5 Things We Learned From Sean Lowe’s Video: Sex and Lawsuits!

Sure, you obviously know that The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe somehow managed to keep it in his pants with Catherine Giudici until they got hitched last month. And you also know that you could probably sharpen an ax on his abs of steel. But if you assumed that’s all there is to know about him, think again.

Sean stars in a 12-minute short film for Christian nonprofit group I Am Second, which was released this week. In the film, Sean candidly spills his guts about his legal troubles, his free-lovin’ ways, and how much he hated working with his family.

Here are five surprising things we learned from Sean’s video:

1. Sean was almost sued by his former business partners.

Before appearing on The Bachelorette, Sean took a big risk by starting his own financial services company. Sadly, the business didn’t work out, and Sean’s investors weren’t happy when Sean lost all their money. “They threatened to sue me, and I was afraid for my future,” Sean reveals. Let’s hope he spends that big wedding payout wisely.

2. He went crawling back to his family’s insurance business which he hated.

After getting knee-deep into financial instability from starting his own businesses, Sean begrudgingly went to work for his family’s insurance company, even though he despised that work. “I hated it from the very beginning— I hated putting on my slacks in the morning, I hated looking at all the different cold-calls I had to make that day,” he says. Slacks, you guys, they’re the worst.

3. He didn’t have sex at all in college.

We’ve all heard more than we wanted to know about Sean’s sex life of late and the fact that he and Catherine waited until their wedding night to get it on. And while he had some wilder years before finding Jesus at age 24, he was actually celibate throughout college as well. Perhaps he was too busy hitting the textbooks to start sowing his wild oats just yet?

4. Filming The Bachelor “felt wrong” to him.

Being the Bachelor clearly working out for Sean in the end, but that doesn’t mean he always enjoyed the process of filming the show. “It's unnatural to date 25 women at one time, and it felt wrong," he says. "A lot of the time, it felt wrong.” Somehow, we’re thinking that it doesn’t feel wrong to Juan Pablo Galavis, but that’s just our own hunch.

5. He has no regrets about putting off sex with Catherine until marriage.

Now that Catherine and Sean have made things official, you might wonder if Sean wishes he hadn’t been so strict about waiting until their wedding night to give Catherine his rose, if you get our drift. But you’d be wrong. "It's been a great thing for me," he says about staying chaste with Catherine for so long. "I didn't give in to my sinful nature." Yep, this dude has a ton of will power.

Are you surprised that Sean reveals so much about his personal life and his failed businesses?

Source: I Am Second

02.13.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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