The Originals: 5 Things We Want to See Happen
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The Originals

The Originals: 5 Things We Want to See Happen

The Originals is off to a strong start, instantly pulling us in its dark, sexy version of New Orleans. Magical battles, centuries-old emotions, and a compelling cast have already turned the show into one of the best spin-offs of the season.

That said, no show is flawless from the get-go, and we do have a few things we'd like to see tweaked or added going forward. We're only four episodes into the season, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that our wishes will be granted soon.

More Hayley — as part of the main plot. So far, Klaus's baby mamma has basically sulked around and occasionally gotten herself into trouble on the side. Her hybrid baby is central to the show's premise, but Hayley has been regulated to B and C plots. She's bringing another Mikaelson into the world; it's high time she start spending more screen time with her family-to-be.

More Elijah. Elijah got to shine in the premiere, but then he was literally packed into a box and shipped off-screen. Now that he's awake, we're hoping to see more of the most moral Mikaelson. He's a delightful, much-needed counterpoint for his siblings.

More Rebekah/Marcel. Whether we're talking flashbacks or present day, we're already in love with this sexy, heartbreaking, complicated ship. Give us sweet moments from the past! Give us anger and hurt in the present! Just give us lots and lots of Rebekah and Marcel interacting, please and thank you.

Caroline. Don't even talk to us about the fact that Caroline and Klaus aren't on the same show anymore. Their chemistry was electric! We're digging The Originals, but part of us still resents that it stole Klaus away from Mystic Falls. As far as we're concerned, there's only one way to deal with this very disturbing problem: crossovers! Lots of them.

More shirtlessness. Yeah, so there's not really a reason for the vamps to be running around New Orleans sans shirt, but who cares? This show has way too many hot guys to deny us some serious ab-tacular moments now and then.

What do you want to see from The Originals? Sound off in the comments below!

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