The Originals: 5 Things We Want to See When Tyler Heads to New Orleans
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The Originals

The Originals: 5 Things We Want to See When Tyler Heads to New Orleans

We’re kind of beside ourselves with the news that Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) will be the first Vampire Diaries character to cross over to The Originals. What do we want to see from Tyler’s visit to New Orleans? We’ve compiled a list for your perusing pleasure.

An explanation for his behavior

Wherever you may fall on the Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) shipper spectrum, you have to admit Tyler’s character deserved better than his terrible treatment of Caroline in Season 5, Episode 5: “Monster’s Ball” of TVD. All we got were some vague mumbling about him having to get revenge on Klaus (Joseph Morgan) for the death of his mother. Though we think that is an arguably justifiable reason for putting off college, there was more-or-less no excuse for Tyler not having called Caroline for weeks or months. We hope Tyler’s appearance on The Originals clears some of this up.

Best friends fornever

Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Tyler used to be the best of friends before she betrayed his trust and let Klaus sacrifice the hybrids. She may have also snapped Caroline’s neck somewhere in there. Basically, they didn’t part on the best of terms, and we’re eager to see where they stand now. Does Tyler still care for Hayley at all? Given that he’s taken a vow of revenge against Klaus and she is carrying his unborn child, for her sake, we certainly hope so. Conversely, we want to see how Hayley feels about Tyler. Before, it was implied that she was in love with him. Has being taken in by the Original family changed that? Especially now that she seems to have her eyes set on a certain slap-worthy, well-suited Original vamp.

The Originals: 5 Things We Want to See When Tyler Heads to New Orleans
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A conversation with Klaus about Caroline

We may be letting our Klaroline show, but we’re super interested to see Tyler and Klaus discuss the woman they both love, aka Caroline. It has to come up, right? When Tyler fake-broke Caroline’s heart in Season 4 of TVD, Klaus said that, if Tyler was still sired to him, he would never have let him hurt her. How is he going to take the news that Tyler for-real broke her heart this time? Perhaps, with a certain amount of glee, given that he himself is in love with the snarky vamp. But, also, maybe with some Klaus-intensity anger...

A Marcel alliance

Is it just us, or would it be kind of fun to see Tyler team up with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis)? As former underlings to Klaus, they have a lot to bond over. Sure, Klaus never cared about Tyler the way he cared about Marcel, but they both took steps to break from Klaus’ control. Now that Thierry is in “The Garden” for a century or so, Marcel is in the market for a new right-hand man. We think Tyler should don his Clyde costume hat from “Monster’s Ball” and apply for the job.

The Originals: 5 Things We Want to See When Tyler Heads to New Orleans
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For Caroline to follow

This one may be our most obvious and biggest wish, but we’re dying to see Caroline follow her ex-boyfriend over to The Originals. Not only do we think that there is a lot left unsaid between Caroline and Tyler, but we are still waiting for the Klaroline relationship to be further explored. Klaus is one of the most fascinating characters in the TVD-verse, and Caroline is the best at bringing the nuance out in him (though, we’re also suckers for any moment he shows feels for his fam). So far, he hasn’t had as many character developments as we’d hoped for on The Originals. We think a Caroline appearance could add several.

What do you want to see when Tyler heads to New Orleans? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, November 5 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW, followed by Supernatural.

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