5 Things We’d Like to See on Revenge Season 2


5 Things We’d Like to See on Revenge Season 2

The second season of Revenge began filming today, and while we completely trust show creator Mike Kelley and the insanely talented team of writers, we’d like to offer some suggestions for the upcoming season.

Here’s what we’d like from Revenge’s Season 2:

1) Victoria Grayson’s Badass Backup Plan

It’s no secret that Victoria Grayson is a boss. She is an independent woman who will stop at nothing to save herself and her children. So we know she was fully aware of what was happening when she boarded that fateful plane.

Which leads us to believe that she had some sort of Shawshank Redemption-type escape plan already in the works as Florence + the Machine was playing in the background. And we’d definitely like to see it every step of the way Takeda on the beach style.

2) Nolan and Ems Alone Time

Yes, boys and girls can be just friends, but this dynamic duo has sexual tension you could cut with a knife. Nolan is the only one who knows the full details of Emily’s identity and revenge plot. There’s no way she could actually get close to another guy without divulging those deets, and she’s not exactly big on show and tell.

3) Takeda: The E! True Hollywood Story

Right now it seems like Emily Thorne’s mysterious sensei, Takeda, shows up whenever things get a little messy. This probably means he has quite the sordid past, and we’re dying to know more. Where did he take Amanda after the shooting? Who does he work for? How did Emily meet him? Was he the original Karate Kid? So many questions...

5 Things We’d Like to See on Revenge Season 2
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4) Before They Were Stars: Ashley and Emily

When Ems first moved to the Hamptons, she was tight with everyone’s favorite party planner, Ashley Davenport. But how did she get the in with Daniel Grayson’s latest it girl? No one’s really offered those details yet, and on a show like Revenge, no plotline should go overlooked.

5) Porters Get a Pup

We were all heartbroken when Sammy, the world’s oldest dog, died toward the end of Season 1. But no one was more devastated than Jack Porter. Even though this dad-to-be is about to welcome a new pup of his own (or of someone else’s), we think he could use a spunky new canine to cheer up his depressing, Faux-manda-filled days.

What would you like to see on Revenge Season 2? Tell us below!

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