5 Throw-Away Plots From Pretty Little Liars’ Winter Premiere That Will Come Back to Haunt Us
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Throw-Away Plots From Pretty Little Liars’ Winter Premiere That Will Come Back to Haunt Us

Pretty Little Liarswinter premiere (Season 4, Episode 14: “Who’s in the Box?”) threw a lot of information at us. While some of it paid off within the episode, some of the seemingly random plot threads were left dangling come episode’s end. Here are five winter premiere introductions that we think might come back to haunt us.

Hanna’s trip to Australia

We suppose that Ashley Marin’s mention of the trip Hanna’s dad, stepmother, and presumably step-sister will be taking to Australia could have just been a way to re-establish Ashley and Hanna’s familial solidarity. However, we think there’s a very likely chance that Hanna might actually decide to take her father up on his offer to fly to the other side of the world. If things get bad enough with “A,” she might just need an escape perhaps, around the hiatus between the hiatus between Season 4 and Season 5?

Sara Harvey and her friends

In the winter premiere, we met the Liars’ counterparts in the story of the missing Sara Harvey and the friend-group she left behind. Like Alison, Sara was apparently a bit of a mean girl who manipulated her friends into doing her bidding. And, like the Liars, Sara’s friends have not been able to move on since their bestie’s disappearance. It seems strange that the show would introduce a whole group of characters only to drop them by episode’s end. We don’t think this is the last we’ve heard of Sara Harvey and her crew.

Ali’s dream visits

Hands up if you think there’s more to Mrs. DiLaurentis’s story about Alison visiting her in her dreams. Is Ali actually visiting her mother, a la her “hallucinatory” visits to the Liars in previous seasons? If so, does her mother really think she’s dreaming? (The changing of linens certainly suggests otherwise.) If not, is there a part of Mrs. D. that thinks Alison (or her twin sister) is still alive? Perhaps, she even has some guilt surrounding the whole situation. After all, there has to be some reason Ali didn’t go to her mother after someone tried to kill her.

The owner of Ezra’s cabin

When showing Aria their new cabin o’ love outside of the Rosewood town limits, Ezra mentioned that it belonged to a friend who was out of town and our spidey senses were immediately alerted. We know of lots of people who are out of town right now Wren, Melissa, Jason, to name a few could any of them be the “friend” in question? Whoever it may be, we wouldn’t be surprised if this plot point came up again and if the owner of the cabin is someone we know.

Mona’s Count of Monte Cristo reference

Holy literary references, amirite? Pretty Little Liars has been known to drop an allusion in the past, but they were getting flung left and right in this episode. Though Ezra’s Jekyll and Hyde rant may have been more noticeable, we were particularly intrigued by Mona’s identification with The Count of Monte Cristo. In the classic adventure novel, a man is wrongly imprisoned only to escape, find a fortune, and seek revenge against those who have wronged him. The question is: where is Mona on this cycle? Does she mean she was wrongly imprisoned as “A”? Or is she thinking of her period as a nerd? We think there might be more to this particular reference than meets the eye.

What seemingly random references stood out to you in the PLL winter premiere? Sound off in the comments below!

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