5 Times Pretty Little Liars Went Off The Rails
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Times Pretty Little Liars Went Off The Rails

We’re willing to suspend disbelief as readily as the next television viewer, but there are some storylines that ask for too much yes, even on our teen murder mystery favorite, Pretty Little Liars. Here are five times PLL went off the rails with a storyline a little bit too crazy…

The Snake in the Dressing Room

Um, since when do snakes sneak into changing rooms? In Season 3, “A” traps Spencer in the dressing room at CeCe’s fashion show...with a snake. Spencer freaks out, banging on the door until CeCe comes to her rescue with a mannequin leg. Perhaps the worst part about this storyline: Spencer’s reaction. We would have figured Spencer would have some secret snake-charming skill she’s been waiting to break out or, at least stayed calm in such a ludicrous situation. She’s not usually a screamer.

The Bees in the Car

In another classic PLL fauna-in-enclosed-space storyline, Aria must watch in horror as her mother is trapped in her car and attacked by what are apparently killer bees hiding in the ventilation system. This storyline could have been made a tad more interesting with a mention of some sort of bee allergy on Ella Montgomery’s part (after My Girl, we take and and all bee allergy mentions extremely seriously), but how did “A” even get them in there? And how did he/she ensure that they wouldn’t come out until the opportune moment? These killer bees are highly trained. They may just be the perfect assassins.

The Worms in the Chinese Food

Way back in Season 2, “A” apparently spent a lot of time infiltrating the Liars’ favorite Chinese restaurant in preparation for a gag that involved switching out the girls’ order of dumplings for live worms. Ha! This was not only silly (worms are not that scary), but seemed like a lot of work on “A”’s part for relatively little pay-off.

The Ghost Girl

PLL obviously needed a supernatural outlet long before Ravenswood became a thing. In the otherwise-perfect Season 3 Halloween special, we got this joke of a subplot: Ashley Marin and Pastor Ted handing out Halloween candy at the Marin house, only to visited by a blond little girl who, from what we can tell, was totally a ghost. This was a total misstep by the show, served no narrative purpose, and was just too crazy to go with. We know it was Halloween and everything, but we would have preferred another worms-in-the-Chinese-food delivery to this epic fail.

The Teenager With the Pilot’s License

OK, we get that Alison’s plotline of having a pilot’s license was based on an actual real-life story and that teenagers take flying lessons all the time. But, there’s having a pilot’s license as a teenager, and then there’s having a pilot’s license, commandeering your own plane, and flying said plane on a clandestine mission into and out of the Pennsylvanian woods without any flight plan or, apparently, any questions asked as a teenager (or, you know, as anyone who isn’t James Bond). Where did Alison even fly this plane from? And where did she get it in the first place? Isn’t she supposed to be struggling on the run or something? Why didn’t she just drive to the Thornhill Lodge like normal teenage runaways who have faked their deaths?

Which PLL plot line had you cringing with its silliness? Sound off in the comments below!

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