5 Tips For Getting Out of Your Post-Baby Sex Slump
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5 Tips For Getting Out of Your Post-Baby Sex Slump

That six-week post-baby checkup at the OB-GYN office means very different things to man and wife:

Man: Hooray, it’s go time!
Woman: I hope the doctor finds something wrong with me. I don’t want to do that any time soon.

Okay, okay, so we don’t really want anything to be wrong with us, of course, but if only our doctors would lie for us! If only! At six weeks, we’ve got baby hairs growing on our face, milk dripping from our nipples, baby vomit in our hair, and we're half asleep at all times. The last thing on our own minds is “bow chicka wow wow,” that’s for sure.

Here’s the thing: Sex is important to a relationship. You don’t need Dr. Phil to tell you that. So yeah, you can put it off for a while but eventually you’re going to need some help getting out of that post-baby slump. Here are five-tips before we say to you, “Godspeed, my friend!”

Yes, it’s a Nike slogan but it’s also very apropos in this case. Of course, you’ve gotta wait to get the green light from the doc.

The thing is, many of us start getting a mental block against sex because it’s been so long and the last thing that went on “down there” was a baby coming forth, so it’s understandable. But, as a friend once told me after my first baby was born, you’ve gotta just go for it at some point and get that first post-baby sex session under your belt. You’ll feel relieved and, who knows? You might even enjoy it!

Not all of us are lucky enough to have our parents or other relatives nearby, and we’re somehow taught to think that getting a sitter is an indulgence. It’s sanity, people! Sanity! It’ll be money well-spent. After a dinner on the town and a glass of wine or two, you’ll finally feel relaxed enough to get something going in the boudoir.

If you’re usually the couple who has sex at night or in the morning, you might have to think outside the box (or even outside the bedroom!). If the opportunity presents itself for a quickie while you’re both home during the day, go for it. Those brief windows don’t present themselves very often, and daytime sex can be great because you’re usually less tired. Sky rockets in flight – afternoon delight!

So many women get caught up in losing that post-baby weight, but plenty of research has shown that men prefer omen with meat on their bones. Take advantage of those pregnancy curves and go for it!

It’s easier said than done, we know, especially with a newborn, but if you can even sneak a quick night away, your sex life will reap the benefits tenfold. You’ve never heard anyone complain about “vacation sex,” have you? Didn’t think so!

How did you get over your post-baby sex slump? Share your tips below!

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09.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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