5 Ways Damon and Elena Can Fix Their Relationship on The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries

5 Ways Damon and Elena Can Fix Their Relationship on The Vampire Diaries

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) may have called it quits in the midseason finale of The Vampire Diaries, but odds are their epic love story is far from over. With that in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of ways these two crazy kids might fix their relationship. We’ve already talked about why they should get back together, here are our top five suggestions for how their reconciliation might go down.

Get into mortal danger

This is probably the easiest, given the frequency with which these characters find themselves facing life-or-death shenanigans. Unfortunately, this is also the most temporary solution. Being madly in love has never really been the problem between these two and, if they get back together simply because they are scared to lose one another, then the issues that broke them apart in the first place (Damon’s guilt, we guess?) are going to come back again.

Have a fireside chat

This may be old-fashioned of us, but Damon and Elena could work through this with a heart-to-heart (in front of the Salvatore mansion fireplace, obvi). When Damon broke up with Elena, he didn’t leave much room for discussion. We think they could work things out if they just sat down and communicated. Ha! What are we thinking? This is never going to happen.

Let Damon let Elena make her own decisions

When it comes down to it, it seems like Delena is at a standstill because Damon has decided to make yet another decision for Elena: in this case, that he is bad for her. Let the girl make her own decisions, dammit! If she’s OK with your serial-killing habits, let her be OK with your serial-killing habits. Caroline (read: we) might judge her for it, but neither of us get a vote in the relationship. (Well, until we launch our next poll.)

Catch amnesia

Hey, it kind of worked for Stefan! Well, it would have worked if Elena hadn’t already been with Damon. Amnesiac Stefan was kind of a jerk, but he also had a carefree attitude that made him a lot of fun to be around. He and Elena shared some serious spark-filled moments when she was trying to jog his memory, and they definitely would have gotten back together if Elena wasn’t taken. We think this strategy might work for Delena, too. If one or both of them catches amnesia, we think their relationship would be a lot simpler.

Let anti-fate take its course

And, by anti-fate, we mean whatever you want to call the pull between Damon and Elena. (We call it anti-fate because, apparently, fate is pulling for Stefan and Elena to get together.) These two can’t stay apart for long, regardless of the actions they do or do not take or, more accurately, in spite of them. Right now, they are totally in love, and love rules all at least on The CW.

How do you think Delena might go about fixing their relationship? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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