5 Ways to Kill Off Revenge’s Ashley Davenport in Season 3
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5 Ways to Kill Off Revenge’s Ashley Davenport in Season 3

When the news broke today that actress Ashley Madekwe would be exiting Revenge in Season 3, we were heartbroken. How could they just drop Ashley Davenport’s storyline without any closure? Luckily, the British beauty took to Twitter to clarify some of the rumors saying, “The Revenge writers are trying to come up with an exit story for Davenport and I will of course play that out for you all...”

Ms. Madekwe even has her own suggestions for the death of her character. “My preference is that Ashley Davenport dies in a blaze of glory. Preferable whilst wearing Valentino couture....Or Chanel. I'm not fussy,” she tweeted.

This means we can expect to see Ash at least in the premiere of Season 3. And when a character leaves Revenge they typically don’t do so alive. Wetpaint Entertainment has come up with a list of potential deaths for Ms. Davenport in Season 3.

Here are some of our favorites:

1) Jack Porter Shoots Her

When we last left Jack Porter he was crazy-eyed and holding a revolver. This angry seaman is one bad lobster roll away from mass murder. One pull of the trigger and Ash could be blown right out of her Louboutins.

5 Ways to Kill Off Revenge’s Ashley Davenport in Season 3
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2) Victoria Grayson Pushes Her Off a Balcony

It’s not like this villainous matriarch hasn’t done it before! But, unlike Fauxmanda, Ash won’t have a pesky baby bump to break her fall. They could be squabbling over who gets Conrad’s mistress suite in the Governor’s Mansion and then BOOM she goes down.

3) Conrad Gives Her a Disease

Ash has slept with all the Grayson men and the eldest is 99 percent disease-ridden from his various conquests. Connie has more booked rooms at the South Fork Inn than anyone in all of Montauk, and Ash was one of his last lovers. What’s that itching? Next week — dead.

5 Ways to Kill Off Revenge’s Ashley Davenport in Season 3
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4) Ems Doses Her Cheap Margarita

Emily told Ashley not to let Conrad on stage in order to save him from Jack’s wrath, but she didn’t listen. This almost-hooker has back sassed Ems for the last time! Don’t forget these two used to be gal pals who trolled charity events together and sipped cheap cocktails by the shore. One quick dose of arsenic in her strawberry marg and Ash is a goner.

5) Her Closet Explodes, Suffocating Her in Designer Gowns

It’s no secret that Ashley is one of the most stylish Revengers in the Hamptons. She also claims to be poor so chances are, her closet isn’t exactly a walk-in. Well, all of those clothes simply can’t fit in her shabby Montauk shack, so one day the closet could burst, burying her in designer gowns until she suffocates for good. Asphyxiation by Dior? Talk about a great way to go!

How do you think Ashley will die? Tell us below!

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