5 Ways to Improve Captain Gates’ Character on Castle in 2012
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5 Ways to Improve Captain Gates’ Character on Castle in 2012

From the get-go, we didn’t want to like Captain Victoria “Iron” Gates. All we heard about Monty’s replacement was negative: She was so by-the-book it hurt, the characters weren’t going to get anything by her, and worst of all, she was going to drive an icy wedge right between Castle and Beckett’s burgeoning romance.

What was there to like?

Then, Gates grew on us. She actually wasn’t so bad. Our detectives were still up to their regular shenanigans, they just had to be a little more sly about it. Unlike Monty, Gates dabbled in the cases here and there. Heck, sometimes she was even — dare we say
— funny!

But in the past few episodes, the new boss-lady has been mysteriously MIA — and it’s not like her Sassiness has exactly been missed, mostly because we don’t really know her, or her role, in the show.

We know we’re not supposed to love Gates, but we would like to like her, or at the very least, know who she is as a character. Read on to find out five ways Castle can tune-up Captain Gates' stiff character.

1. Draw Out the Tension Between Gates and Castle

We may not understand how anybody can’t like the charming Rick Castle, but the awkward tension between Gates and Castle was, well, fun. The fact that the duo are getting along already feels a little rushed.

We never thought we’d say it, but maybe it’s time Castle and Gates relationship takes a few steps backwards? If Gates is gonna be the queen bitch, let’s see it, no holds barred.

5 Ways to Improve Captain Gates’ Character on Castle in 2012
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2. Gates Mentors Beckett

On the flip side, if Gates’ icy exterior is thawing, maybe it’s time Gates takes Beckett by the hands and shows her the ropes? We already know Gates and Beckett have oodles in common, and Gates has made it known that while she might have a tough exterior, she’s very loyal to those close to her. A little diva detective bonding could go a long way.

Can we at least find out what drives this woman to be called “Sir,” please?

3. Gates Becomes More Involved in the Cases

Gates has sort of popped in and out of various cases, offering her opinion on some, but acting as a shadowy background figure in other, who only checks in to scare her team into doing their jobs the “right” way.

If Gates were moved to the forefront, and really became part of the team for more than one minute at a time, we might like her more. Maybe.

4. Bring in Gates' Family

So far we know next to nothing about Gates' private life. We’re sure she’s gotta be somewhat personable if she has a hubby, right? It’d be interesting to learn what the Gates family, as a unit, is all about.

5. Give Us a History Lesson

Show us something — anything — about Gates’ past. What was her journey like to become a detective? What kind of cases did she have to endure? Is it wrong for us to wish she has a dirty little secret like Monty?

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