5 Foods You Should Never Ever Eat on a Date
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5 Foods You Should Never Ever Eat on a Date

It's Friday night and you're finally hitting the town for a date with the potential man of your dreams! Your mission? To fall in love. Chances are everything will go perfectly — unless you make the epic mistake of eating one of these five foods during dinner. Check out our roundup of yummy ingredients to avoid on your romantic night out, and feel free to order extra oysters to make up for the loss.

1. Leafy Greens

Under no circumstances should you order a meal with spinach, broccoli, or kale. These healthy greens are notorious for getting stuck in one's teeth, so unless you want to charm your way through dinner with a winning grin enhanced by food particles, go ahead and nix them. If you do end up ordering spinach or broccoli during dinner, sneak some floss into your bag and hit the bathroom for a quick teeth check mid-way through your meal.

2. Garlic

You can't completely avoid garlic at a restaurant, but you can definitely steer clear of garlic-packed dishes. Not only does this fragrant flavor-enhancer make your breath smell bad, its odor lingers well after you've popped a piece of gum in your mouth, and can even come out in your pores! Trust us, nothing kills a romantic first kiss like a mouth full of garlic, so go ahead and "say no to pesto."

3. Spaghetti

Pasta is fine, but spaghetti? Not so much –– especially when paired with a delicious red sauce. Chances are you'll end up spilling sauce all over yourself while slurping up noodles, which are a) not exactly attractive to eat, and b) super messy. If you want to eat pasta, get a short-cut like bow-ties or penne, and don't make the mistake of wearing a light-colored dress or blouse on your date!

4. Beans

Heading out to your favorite Mexican joint might seem like a good idea, but trust us. You do not want to be eating beans during your date. Sure, they're good for you, and yes, they're delicious, but they're also extremely gassy. You might end up with a stomach ache, the urge to burp, or even worse? A sudden need to use the bathroom. As the age-old children's rhyme goes, beans, beans the magical fruit, the more you eat them, the more you...

5. Salt

Every item on a restaurant's menu features some amount of salt, but stay away from super-salty dishes featuring soy sauce, as well as Italian food with tons of parmesan. Why? Salt makes you retain water, which could give you an unwanted bloated belly during your date. If you do end up chowing down on a salty meal, drink lots of water to flush your system!

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