5 Young Celebrities Who Are Perfect Role Models For Teens
5 Young Celebrities Who Are Perfect Role Models For Teens


5 Young Celebrities Who Are Perfect Role Models For Teens


Hollywood is riddled with winning personalities. And by winning we sarcastically mean those people who single handedly set the worst possible example for our growing youngsters. (Amanda Bynes, anyone?)

To quote the gorgeous and talented Bonnie Tyler, we need a hero. We have Oprah as an example of just how far a person can go if they truly work to their fullest potential, and Kate Middleton leading the life of a proper royal lady after hooking up with a prince, but we need role models who are more relatable to our young folk. We figure 25 years and younger should do the trick.

We have a few lovely ladies in mind who have all been blessed with a glamorous Hollywood life, but who still made a point to stay true to who they are, money and fame aside. Take a look at our five favorites, and then tell us who your favorite young celeb role model is!

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Taylor Swift

5 Young Celebrities Who Are Perfect Role Models For Teens
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images    

We know what you’re thinking: How could Taylor ever be a good role model for teens when it seems she’s dating her way through the Hot Young Male Celebs in Hollywood checklist? First of all, she’s expressed many times in her songs how weird and quirky she is, and we personally believe that guys just have a hard time getting her. (We get you, Taylor! Swiftie 4 Life!) And second of all, we’re glad that she’s trying on a few guys and seeing what works for her. Better to try than to always wonder what if!

But on a more serious note, we are absolutely in love with her age-appropriate and fun style. The 22-year-old country singer always looks fun and flirty on stage, and when it comes to the red carpet, her more glamorous looks keep her covered and classy. Also, special mention to her Keds line!

Emma Watson

5 Young Celebrities Who Are Perfect Role Models For Teens
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images    

Obviously Emma is a tremendously talented actress, budding nicely from her silver screen debut in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I mean, have you seen The Bling Ring? Holy moly, that nerdy British wizard just turned into a sassy valley girl overnight! So of course her talent is a great inspiration point, but where Emma really raises the bar for young celebs everywhere is her persistence to continue her education at Brown University when she’s not working on set.

Emma told Rookie that the curriculum at Brown “attracts a certain type of student: [someone] very independent who wants to take responsibility and control of what they’re learning.” Emma hasn’t declared a definitive major, which may seem odd for someone who could probably earn her degree in chemical engineering, like, tomorrow. But Emma explains that the choice to not declare a major is exactly what intrigues her. She enjoys trying new things and taking classes that she wouldn’t have normally been able to, had she been stuck to a specific curriculum. Encouraging your kids to try new things is a big part of being a great parent, and Emma is just the role model our youngsters need to understand the possibilities.

Demi Lovato

5 Young Celebrities Who Are Perfect Role Models For Teens
Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images    

Demi is basically the demigod of self-loving and self-respect. She has been open and honest with her struggles with body image, bulimia, and self-harm, and we have the greatest amount of respect for someone who is constantly in the public eye who can talk openly about such personal issues.

While some parents wouldn’t want their kids to even hear those words uttered until… well, never, it’s still important for young people to have a light at the end of the tunnel if they need it. Demi has been that light for so many young adults who are/were going through the same issues of becoming comfortable in their own skin, and she has shown her fans that being able to jump those hurdles along the difficult road of life is possible.

Jennifer Lawrence

5 Young Celebrities Who Are Perfect Role Models For Teens
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images    

We honestly can’t say enough about Jennifer Lawrence. We admit that we still haven’t seen Winter’s Bone, but we did fall in love with her performance as Katniss in The Hunger Games. More than that, we fell in love with her ability to make any conversation a mini party.

What we mean is that is while Jen — can we call her Jen? — fulfills her picture perfect duties at functions as a celebrity, she manages to stay true to who she is as a person, never suppressing that firecracker personality for long. If you need more convincing, just take a look at her interview in the press room at the 2013 Oscars after winning her first Oscar for Best Actress. We can’t even handle how awesome she is!

Hilary Duff

5 Young Celebrities Who Are Perfect Role Models For Teens
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images    

For those of us who giggled and gushed through Lizzy Maguire, we will never get over the fact that she is now a glowing mom! When she first announced the pregnancy, we have to admit that we were way skeptical of her mothering potential. She was a child star, the father was retired Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie (totally random, amirite?), and we just hoped and hoped that she wouldn’t give tabloids a reason to slur her perfect innocent image.

Much to our delight, Hilary has blossomed into a picture-perfect momma! Her baby boy Luca, now just over a year old, is the apple of her eye, and her marriage to Mike is as strong as ever. We love the strong role model Hilary has become to young women who dream of having that perfect family. The love the couple share of each other and of their son is a huge inspiration.