50/50, Dream House, What’s Your Number?: Wetpaint Entertainment’s Sexy-Not Sexy Weekend Movie Guide, 9/30
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50/50, Dream House, What’s Your Number?: Wetpaint Entertainment’s Sexy-Not Sexy Weekend Movie Guide, 9/30

Thinking about hitting the movies this weekend? Here's the lowdown on three of the flicks opening this Friday, September 30.

First up is 50/50 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. Don't dismiss this as another Rogen wiener-and-fart joke comedy — critics are loving this poignant drama about how a couple of male besties handle life when one of them is diagnosed with cancer. Despite the downer subject, this true story-inspired movie manages to squeeze in big laughs at the right moments, avoid overly sentimental sappiness, and touch your heart all the same. Sexy? Joseph Gordon-Levitt, period. Not-so-sexy? A human-killing disease. Verdict: Looks like the chances of this dramedy being a hit are much greater than its title suggests, and it's a perfect choice to see with your own besties.

Next, Dream House is about a guy named Will (played by Daniel Craig) who moves into a new home with his wife and two girls, only to discover that the family who lived there before them had been murdered, possibly by the surviving father. What's more, Will might have more in common with that father than he knows... like, way more in common. We can't guarantee whether Dream House will be a trick or a treat, but the preview definitely has potential. Here's what's sexy: Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig’s unmistakable chemistry. Not sexy? Family murderers! Verdict: Grab your guy, load up on Sour Patch Kids and Goobers, and check this one out.

Lastly, What's Your Number? starring funny girl Anna Faris opens nationwide on Friday. Per early reviews, this rom-com about an "old maid" who seeks out her 19 exes in the hopes that she might have overlooked "The One" lacks surprises, but still packs in plenty of knee-slappers. Sexy? Chris Evans shows off his Captain America bod. Not sexy? Recalling your own list of failed relationships. Verdict: Definitely a hit-or-miss, but a not a bad choice for a single-ladies' night out.

Do any of these pique your interest? Tell us what movies you'll be checking out this weekend on our Facebook page!

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