6 Things We’ve Learned About Juan Pablo From His Commercial Modeling
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Juan Pablo Galavis

6 Things We’ve Learned About Juan Pablo From His Commercial Modeling

Frankly, we don't remember a time when Juan Pablo Galavis wasn't frolicking around Bachelor Nation playing with balls. LOL, soccer balls, guys! But really, it feels like Juan has been a member of Chris Harrison's love hive for years, and it's hard to believe that he used to spend his waking hours as a professional commercial actor. Well believe it, guys. Believe it so hard, because Juan Pablo's commercials from ye olden days are the gift that keeps on giving.

In fact, we've learned quite a bit about Juan Pablo from these gems, and it's our duty to pass along the following informational nuggets of gold….

1. Juan Pablo is Worried You Smell Funny

So, apparently Juan Pablo starred in a Nivea commercial, where he pranced around jubilantly like an excited ballerina while spraying a bottle of deodorant at some tragic soul pretending to be his wife. We can only assume girlfriend immediately went blind as a result of shooting the commercial, as did the even more tragic soul pretending to be his son. Pray for these victims of Juan Pablo's reign of terror.

2. Juan Pablo Stalks Women In Jeeps

Um, so this one time Juan Pablo and his friend hijacked a Jeep, and proceeded to stalk two innocent women, also in a Jeep. The commercial documenting said event is basically a beautiful tale of love, restraining orders and duh Jeeps, which features Juan Pablo eagerly sticking his head out of a car window like a puppy to check out some babes. A sight we'll become all-too familiar with during The Bachelor's upcoming season.

3. Juan Pablo Isn’t Afraid of Red Bumps

Important news: Juan Pablo used to do commercial work for a company named "Menscience." The science of men. His only requirement was standing in front of a camera, lubricating his face with MAN SCIENCE, and shaving slowly-yet-seductively. Mission accomplished, and now we can sleep easy knowing that Juan Pablo doesn't have any ingrown hairs. Blessed.

4. Juan Pablo Is Questionably Excited About Chicken

This one time, in Venezuela, there was a spontaneous street parade celebrating the joy of grilled chicken, and Juan Pablo was totally there. Luckily, KFC captured the moment and filmed an inspirational commercial featuring Juan Pablo conga-lining with a drumstick. And when we say "Juan Pablo," we really mean Juan Pablo's long, free-flowing blonde hair.

5. Juan Pablo Loves Half-Drowning In The Ocean

Juan Pablo loves nothing more than being semi-nude and skipping merrily around the beach like a jolly little sprite, and he got an opportunity to do so during a commercial for Jugos California, in which he celebrated both juice and a super-cool surfer lifestyle. Tragically, he was viciously attacked by a wave while filming this commercial, but face planting in the sand gave him a great opportunity to snuggle with some random girl (note: possibly the same girl he stalked in the Jeep).

6. Juan Pablo Uses His Phone To Take Boob Shots

Behold, the piece de resistance of Juan Pablo's commercial work, an ad for Digitel Venezuela, where we learn that a) Juan Pablo barely understands how phones work, and b) he uses them to take extreme close-ups of his girlfriend's cleavage. Ladies of Bachelor Mansion, consider yourself warned.

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