7 Best Lafayette Quotes From True Blood Season 4
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True Blood

7 Best Lafayette Quotes From True Blood Season 4

Praise the doo-rag lords, Lafayette Reynolds' triumphant return is almost upon us! It's been way too long since our last fix of glitter eyeshadow and mesh, and in celebration of True Blood's June 10 premiere, we've rounded up Lala's seven best quotes from season 4.

Sigh, these bad boys bring a sentimental tear to our eye, hookah.

1. Lafayette welcomes Sookie back to Bon Temps: “I’m gonna get my hug in before my gumbo burns.”

Oh, the South.

2. Lafayette’s answer for why Tara looks so good: “That’s the calming influence of that Asian p**** at work.”

Yeah, that plus a good haircut.

3. Lafayette: “We got a thing.”
Tara: “A gay thing?”
Lafayette: “A Wiccan thing.”

How about a gay Wiccan thing? Sounds like the best party ever.

4. Lafayette dishes out some advice to Tara: “Bitch you need to do yourself a solid and get the f*** on out this f***ed up place.”

Little did he know her head would explode.

5. Lafayette continues to blow our minds: “I’m going to beddy-bed, y'all bitches clean.”

6. Mavis: "Thank you for everything."
Lafayette: "You got it, bitch."

At least he didn’t call her “hookah.”

7. Lafayette describes Antonia’s exorcism: “Marnie just puked a bitch out.”

Ugh, hangovers, right?

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